Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So far so good...

Don't their new dresses and ties look pretty in front of the flag??

Levi ate at 6am and stayed asleep all morning. I was able to fully get ready. We loaded up all the kids and dropped the older three off at school before heading to Conway. Levi woke up hungry on the way to Conway but went back to sleep pretty quickly. I was able to feed him at 8:40 so he stayed happy while I was with my choirs. PTL! I figured I'd have to feed him before heading back but he stayed asleep. I just now woke him up b/c I need him to eat now so he can eat again before honor choir. He was awake a lot yesterday... I hope he continues this sleepy behavior the rest of the day. It'd be REALLY nice if he'd just sleep in his carseat the whole time. Otherwise I'll have to send Abigail out with him during choir... and I need her singing!

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