Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pursuit of Happyness

I discovered the sling with Isaac. I HAD to. I had a newborn who wanted to be held non-stop, a toddler, and a not yet 3 year old. I needed something that was easy to put on and put the baby in and was comfortable. There was nothing you could buy that fit the bill. I made a sling (similar to the peanut slings you can now buy) and we both loved it. Elijah loved it. So it came as no surprise that Levi loves it too.
The other day E made a mess. I put a crying L in his swing (he was tired) to vacuum up the mess. L calmed immediately. Turned off the vacuum and he started up again. Turned it on- he stopped. Left it on and he went to sleep. Tried it again yesterday and it worked. E doesn't like it bc it is so loud.
So, there's two things at my disposal that are thus far fool-proof.
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