Friday, November 13, 2009

From Dessert to Blowout

I'm sitting here thinking Levi will wake up at any moment and I don't want to have just fallen asleep. He's been out since 8:30. I was meeting some girls for a late dinner at 9. They all went to Holiday House beforehand, but I thought I'd skip that since I'm more of an eater than a shopper. I grilled burgers for dinner at home, so I ended up just getting dessert. I really just went for the fellowship.

Levi has had a rough day. He has a cold. I think that is causing him to want to nurse more... then that and the drainage is causing him to spit up... a lot. And maybe giving him a tummy ache? I don't know. But he was awake from about 4pm til 8:30. That is a very long time for him to be awake. I strolled, I slung, I nursed, he swung. I did everything. He was awake and not altogether happy about it. Not really crying, just not happy. I gave him a bath at 8, got him all dressed to go to the restaurant and then thought I'd just get in the car so he'd go to sleep, but he was out as soon as I buckled him in. He stayed out at the restaurant and is still out. Guess this would have been a good night for me to go to bed early! But oh well. I haven't seen much of humanity in the past 6 weeks so the night out was great fun (even though the dessert was not).

Yesterday I picked up Abigail from school and then headed to the store... thinking I'd just get what I could while Levi and Elijah were happy (Elijah being the expected problem of the two). But he was GREAT the entire time (and I mean the entire 2 hour time). I had a lot of coupons, which always makes it take longer. I had Levi in his sling and Elijah in the kiddie cart with the attached car. Design flaw: he could easily reach things on shelves. He pulled lots of random items in to ride with him, but other than that... he was a peach. Only problem was at the end (of course) Levi woke up and wanted to eat. I passed him off to Abigail b/c often they will follow the "out of sight, out of mind" theory and hold off a bit longer if not near me. And it was working... for a little while. Then I took him back... within a few minutes I started to smell something... but I didn't hear him go, so I didn't think he did. You usually fully know by sound alone :) But then I really smelled it, so I lifted him up to take a whiff... and oh boy. I was covered. I had him in a disposable for the trip b/c they hold more wetness... but they do not hold in the poo better. I was really covered. I wrapped us up with the sling and just wanted out of there, but of course the line was still long and I had a ton of groceries on top of that... Finally got to the car with the help of the sacker (it took two carts to get it to my car though I had fit it all in the one kiddie buggy) and have never been so glad to find Noah had left a school shirt in the car that I could change into... cuz I still had to feed L. E stayed happy thank goodness and we finally got home.
I do not experience many blowouts with L since he is normally in cloth... but OH MY, that one was the worst EVER.

And wouldn't ya know? Levi is still asleep.

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The Davidson Den said...

Ewwwww!!!! :) So glad to know these things don't ONLY happen to me.