Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Day ahead

Today would be just another day if I weren't trying to accomplish it with Levi in tow. I would appreciate prayers today. I'm taking my choir to AETN in Conway to record a song for a special that will air in the spring. It's called "Celebrate America." I got the invitation back in May and new it would be difficult but also knew it was too great an opportunity to pass up. So, Levi, David, Elijah, and I will be going to Conway this morning. Elijah was supposed to spend the night with Ron and Kathy but Kathy's mom fell and broke her wrist so he had to come home. David doesn't think it is a big deal to take Elijah too but I'm worried about him dealing with Elijah and Levi while I'm with my choir. It is possible that Levi will be quite fussy wanting me. I'll have a bottle pumped for him, but sometimes he just wants me. I pray he'll be asleep.
That would be enough for one day, but I have honor choir this afternoon. I'll take Elijah to David in his office and will have Levi with me. I need him to let me teach. I can do that with him in his sling... that's what I did yesterday for the joint rehearsal I had at school... but I need him to be content. It'd be nice if he'd sleep thru both things... but I have no idea. He sleeps all the time, but it isn't predictable. He'll also have wake times that last about 3 hours.

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jensoup said...

good luck...I'm sure Levi will do fine they roll w/the punches pretty well at his age...and I'm sure David will be fine too!