Saturday, February 28, 2009

Isaac's Birthday Party

I just got more info on 'the girlfriend' (Bailey). We were telling Isaac that she is a sweet little girl and he said "people make fun of us." I asked him if he lets it bother him and he said, "I don't say anything, I just tell them we're best best friends."
We ate pizza, cake, opened gifts...

Yellow football...

Orange football :) And if you know Isaac... then you know it is good he got two.

The expression on Isaac's face says it all...

"the girlfriend"

Climbing the wall...

Isaac's turn...

He did it! All the way to the top, twice... he was like Spiderman :)

I didn't get to take many pictures. It was crazy trying to keep up with 10 kids. I didn't expect Playtime Pizza to be so crowded. But OH MY! Was it ever! It was a bit tough to do our activities, but we managed. Overall, I'm pretty sure they had fun and I didn't go nuts. It wasn't like I expected though. I didn't expect to battle the crowds for our 60 min of free play. If I do a party there again... I think I'll do it on a weeknight b/c Saturday afternoon was INSANE.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


It all began at 12:30am... when a sippy cup with handles (more leverage) was slammed into my upper lip. I could take a picture, but I'll spare you. Then things were going better when Elijah and I awoke at 6:15. I knew I could use the extra time to get ready since my 9th grade choir was to sing in chapel at the elementary school. I had to be there before 8am... and since I normally don't start to get ready til long after the older three have left... this morning was a tad hectic nonetheless. It was still going well until I pulled off Elijah's pajamas just before it was time to leave. I should probably spare you this as well, but I won't. He had grapes last night at church. And apparently did little chewing. It was not pretty... and they went everywhere. EV.RY.WHERE. And there was no way I could clean him up w/o a bath... so in the tub he went. That was the first major delay.
Then we were actually getting out the door and I realized I had to take David's car (mine has the carseat and it doesn't work in his)... transfer djembe, folders, kids to David's car... car wouldn't start. It was b/c I wasn't turning the key "just right" but Abigail said "I told Daddy to get gas." So back inside I go, I tell David I don't have time to stop for gas, got my key... and left in my car after transfering everything back to it. The car not starting was a GOOD thing b/c as soon as I got on the on ramp to 430, I came to a total stop. Had I tried to push my luck in his car... we would have conked out in traffic. There was a wreck a mile up and we were at a standstill. The ambullance came up behind us and the cars split like the red sea. Took 20 min to go a couple miles.
BUT I got there :) Safe and sound... and my choir sang great. They only sang one song that I've taught them. Their assignment while I was at All State was to work on some praise songs with harmony. That's what they sang today. I love having students who can work on their own!
I came back home after that to rescue stranded David, print out some invitations I'm making for a baby shower, and then leave again so Elijah would get to school in time to play outside.
BLEH My classes went well, so the rest of the day was good... but the morning... UGH.

these aren't really hers... I cheated and googled for a picture...

The best neighbor in the world, Jill, emailed me to see if we had dinner plans and if not, she'd bring over some extra chicken enchiladas and spanish rice she had from a catering she did. MMMMMMM I'm tellin ya, they were the best I've ever had. My kids loved all of it too. David isn't a big fan of chicken, but even HE was raving. So, I will definitely have to get those recipes!
AND almost as good... she freed me up from fixin dinner so I was able to clean. My house was desparate for it. Downstairs is now liveable, but the upstairs still needs a LOT of love!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks to Jill, y'all will hear some

from me!

The rules for Honest Scrap are:

1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap."

3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself. ((( since I just did the random things list... this will be tough!)))

Here it goes~
1. I get irritated if I am delegated TO and exactly HOW comes with it. Put me in charge of something, then my way comes with it.

2. When I delegate, I don't care how it is done. Just do it. Out of my hands, out of my head.

3. David and I go on a date about two, maybe three times a year.

4. Our 10 year anniversary trip was to the Southern Baptist Convention, with the kids.

5. We've never gone on a vacation without the kids.

6. In college, I dated (casually of course!) two guys named Ryan at the same time. When one would call and I wasn't in, my room mate would always ask for his phone number, even though this was at Ouachita and you only had to use the last 4 digits. I know they thought she was an idiot, but it was better than her saying "which one?"

7. All I ever wanted to be is a SAHM... but I also never dreamed I'd be able to teach part time and have such fabulous stress-free students. I have the best of both worlds.

8. I get excited when I see a blog, article, TV show... whatever, about ways to save money. But I'm usually disappointed b/c I already do what they suggest.

9. I don't think I will ever stop having the 'baby bug.'

10. I like practical gifts.

And I tag...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hot Springs

Since Thursday I've been in Hot Springs at the All State Music Conference. I had a student make 5th chair in the Alto section. David was home with the kiddos... first time for me to be away from Elijah. They decided to join me in Hot Springs on Friday since no one was staying in my room. My student's parents came up Thursday night so after 4pm on the first day, I didn't even have anyone to chaperone. I just attended meetings and listened to rehearsals. Friday night I had concerts to go to. My mom (who was there with my step-dad and his students from Ft Smith) watched Elijah while David took the other three swimming.

Then the fun began. After the concerts and swimming, we gave Elijah the cough medicine suggested by the doc the last time he was sick. I don't think we gave him any then though... and I will never give it to him again. I usually only give guafenisin (sp?). This was a combo Robitussin.

Something in it did not agree with him. He did not go to sleep until 1 or 2 am. Then he slept til 5am. It was not enjoyable. He wasn't just awake, he was unhappy and inconsolable. I was worried we'd get a knock on the door by the manager letting us know we were keeping everyone up on the floor. I felt so bad b/c I knew those around me had important concerts the next day and they needed to SLEEP! I was trying, but to no avail. David had taken Elijah walking around the hotel from around 11ish to 1ish. Then he got him at 5 am and took him driving around Hot Springs. He fell asleep in the car so David pulled up under the hotel and napped a bit til 7, then they went and enjoyed the buffet breakfast.... which is when the rest of us got up.

Sometimes I hate having a husband who doesn't sleep. But other times, it is unbelievably helpful!

I have to say, that was the worst night we've ever experienced with Elijah. And poor Abigail experienced it too. The boys were able to sleep thru much of it.

When we got back we had a fabulous surprise in our mailbox. Apparently David's student loan was paid off around last July. The loan company never sends me a bill unless I miss payments. I pay automatically thru the bank. I got a letter today with a $400 refund... I got a letter last week with a $100 refund. So that was a nice little $500 surprise.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol

Danny Gokey was my favorite, but I also liked Ricky Braddy and Anoop. I would probably like Ricky more had I heard more of him going into it... but I don't remember him from Hollywood week at all.
Overall though... I thought everyone sounded off. Makes me wonder if something was up with the sound... surely that many people weren't bad b/c of nerves??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

VDay/Week in Pictures

Elijah eating Craisins

Elijah playing at church... during the time after I dropped Abigail off at piano but before going back to get her, and then returning for praise team practice/dinner/Bible Study.

he loves the blocks

coloring... on himself more than paper

Even in his mouth and nose...

making Noah's Valentine box...

ribbon, double sided tape, and raised sticky squares

I bought a bag of scrapbook paper scraps for a few dollars and covered the box.

The lid.

I put a piece of clear tape all along the tops of the paper squares to make the lid go on easier.

Noah put on all the stickers. I thought he did an excellent job on his name. I don't think I could have done any better.

It says "A friend is" and the descriptive words go along with that... it showed up better in reality :)

I also had about 375 of these shirts to sort and distribute after having gathered all the orders and counting them up the week before...

I think Elijah looks ADORABLE in his. I got one for the whole fam, we wore them to school yesterday, I washed them last night so we could wear them again today. David wouldn't wear his... he said he'd look like a dork.

Elijah put on Abigail's shoes and went for a walk...

I got to sleep in late this morning. Woke up to cleaning taking place downstairs by David and the kids. You could not buy me anything better. Abigail and David had also already gone to Fresh Market to buy steaks and dessert for dinner. David grilled them and they were PERFECT. I wrote a big "Happy Valentine's Day I love (all of) you!" on the driveway in sidewalk chalk for them when they came home from school yesterday. David parked on top of it, but the kids liked it :)
We also went to Target today for the kiddos to spend their $5 that they each got in a card in the mail from David's parents. Noah of course got football cards. Isaac got a Bakugan. Abigail got some new pencils and candy. Elijah got a bee that holds bubble solution that you blow thru to make bubbles and the wings spin.
Now the kiddos are in bed and we're about to watch a movie. Good night!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Elijah's mullet

So I intentionally gave Elijah a mullet. He was looking shabby... as these pictures can attest. (I love the 2nd one where he and Isaac make the same face)

Isaac didn't want Elijah to get up...

I like his curls. Unfortunately, they are only in the back. His hair was getting into his eyes. I had to cut it in several stages b/c he gets tired of it after a few snips. After the fist sitting he looked like he had one of those old timey cuts with the short bangs and long sides. I didn't get a picture of that... but here he is after I trimmed the sides...

And here are some of his curls...

Time to get ready for school!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girlfriend already?

I'm gearing up for birthday season. We have no birthdays in August-January (except of course, David's and mine, but we don't typically do anything exciting for our own). Isaac's is in February, Abigail's in March, Elijah's in May, and Noah's in July. Isaac is having a small party at Playtime Pizza. Basically, it was: invite the boys in your class for a Playtime Pizza party... or invite everyone for a Chuck E Cheese party. I decided the smaller party would be better... though I hate spending a fortune on birthday parties. It just seems inevitable. Everyone does it, therefore I must. I'll try to feel better by rationalizing that some people spend a lot more.
Isaac mentioned that he had to invite one little girl. I told him she'd be the only girl there. He said "she doesn't care." So then I thought I'd tease him by saying, "well, I guess you can invite her since she is your girlfriend," with the thinking that he'd laugh, get embarassed and say, "She's NOT my girlfriend!" But no, instead, he nodded in agreement, as serious as can be. So, there will be 8 little boys, plus one little girl, invited to his party (and of course the sibs).
Yesterday was a loooong day. I got up at 5:20 after a restless night of Elijahwaking. Took 3 students who qualified to audition for All State. They all auditioned in about the middle, so we got to leave at about 1:30. My mom was there with my step-dad and his choir students, so she called me with the results around 5:45. Only one student made it... but she made 5th chair! Since 750 or so audition at the region level... that's pretty remarkable, especially for a sophomore.
I had a good week except that I caught a cold. I managed to keep up with the downstairs at least... and I'm grateful b/c today I feel like doody.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Conquering Clutter

It's a party! The Shabby Nest is hosting a linky party on containing kid clutter. I can't say I'm a good organizer. I'd say I'm a very bad organizer. Thankfully, we built our house... so I was able to do some things that I knew would help me. One was putting shelves only in the playroom/guest bedroom closet (yes I know, you really want to be a guest at my house now). I have hooks on the outside of the closet doors for the rare guest (Gramma) to hang clothes. One of these days (yeah, right) I'll have matching containers on the shelves. Until then, this is it:

I need to take advantage of the top shelf. Right now it contains some of hubs' Star Wars action figure collection in clear totes. It also has: a pillow, an espresso machine, and a superman cape. There is quite a bit of room up to the ceiling that I should use to store board games :) Notice: the top shelves do not contain toy items. They contain random office supplies and a few books... and also some OLD accompaniment tapes and the lids to the totes on the bottom of the closet that I for some reason don't toss, though I never intend to use.

My favorite thing I did was the alcove under the stairs. It can be used as an extra place to sleep (the mattress is twin-sized) or a changing table when there is a child in diapers. The basket on the left contains cloth diapers. The drawers are big enough to hide LOTS of stuff in (or a child).

This is Elijah's drawer. He doesn't have a room.

This is Elijah in his drawer, several months ago. (the board games are in the cabinet under the TV)

This drawer contains photo albums, and the changing pad I stashed away so the alcove would look prettier :)

The top left drawer contains Elijah's clothes. I could clear some old clothes out and make room for the cloth diapers, but it is too easy to dump the diapers out of the dryer and into the basket and leave them there.

The diapers!

That's all I have for you. My kids' rooms don't contain much other than beds and clothes. They keep their toys in the playroom. So, nothing to share there.
Thanks for visiting!
(and for those who noticed 4 drawers and only 3 pictured open... there is a reason for that! The final drawer doesn't contain anything in particular, but it is full nonetheless)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NOT a good day

I don't know why, but students were just driving me bonkers today. Maybe the weather made them ultra annoying or me ultra irritable, I don't know which. Wasn't so bad at the high school, but when it was time for my elementary honor choir. OH. MY. They were sooooo hyper. And of course, I was trying to teach them a song that split into 4 parts, so yeah... I needed them to concentrate. Bleh. It is so hard knowing just how far you can push a group so that they are their very best, but not so hard that you frustrate them (and yourself). I think that is the hardest part of my job. I've been at it for 9 years at this school (taught in public schools 3 years before having kids). The make up of my choirs has changed every year and at the high school... they have been great this year rising to whatever challenge I put in front of them. But this is the first year for me to do an honor choir at the elementary. I want it to be challenging or there is nothing 'honor' about it, but I don't want to frustrate them to the point that they don't think they can accomplish what I've set out for them to accomplish. Live and learn though. They are doing great. Maybe today was just 'one of those days.' Whatever it was, it wore me out! I don't feel like doing squat right now. I don't see how women teach all day and ever get anything done at home. I love my job, love my students, but am SO GLAD I am part time!
Please pray for this blogger. I cannot imagine what she is going thru and though I'd never read a post of hers until I saw that she needed prayer, I ache all over.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I wish I had pictures to share. I've got to get better about that. Right now the camera is on the floor of my daughter's bedroom after she and two friends had a 'spa day.' They of course included makeovers.
I wanted to have friends over last night, but David didn't. I think he feared it would interfere with watching the game. Of course, that's what I was hoping for. One friend was coming over and with that, David said I could invite more. Still a small gathering, but it was fun. We had tacos and chips/dip. My cheese dip was looking rather low, so I added lots of stuff trying to fill up the pan... it began as the typical rotel/velveeta combo with a little chili powder, cumin, and garlic salt. I added 4 slices of american cheese, sour cream, and probably about 2 cups of finely grated sharp cheddar. I wasn't sure it would melt right, but I had it heating over a double boiler... maybe that helped. I think we'll eat the rest of it when my friend Kimmi comes over to cut my hair in a bit :)
Speaking of which... I need to go wash my hair before she gets here...