Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Little did I know when I dropped Elijah off at preschool that it would be his last day. I didn't know what was going to happen when I returned to school next spring so I didn't know if I could drop E completely from preschool. Got it all worked out today. My mom will come down three days a week and I will keep both of them at another church twice a week. Won't save me any money except that I'll be paying about what I paid for just Elijah to go 3 full days a week and mornings only for two days. But, it WILL save me in that I can drop Elijah from his current school and not have to continue to pay for preschool while I'm on maternity leave. I'm thrilled I get to save some money the next few months. With a new car payment, little as it is for a brand new car, it will help tremendously. AND it is a good compromise for my mom. As much as I'd love for her to keep them every day and as much as I HATE putting a newborn in anyone's care other than my own... she lives 2.5 hrs away and has a full life of her own. I'm glad it is going to work for her to just be here part of the week. And I am VERY glad that I will be home with him until he is over 3 months old.
I only thought I was going to have this great easy recovery time :) I thought Elijah would continue to go to preschool at least in the morning since I was going to have to keep paying for it anyway. Of course, dropping him ends that possibility. David will take off the 2 days I'm in the hospital and the first 2 days we're home, after that it is going to be just me with a newborn and 2.5 year old. Which is fine, that is what most moms do and I've certainly done it before. I was just looking forward to that "nap when baby naps" advice that isn't possible when you have more than one :) At least we'll have the bonus room and I can put a gate up so we can all stay in there. It would not work for him to have free reign of the house like he has enjoyed.
This is what we did while home from church tonight. He watched Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba and I watched him all cuddled next to me. So sweet. He also got himself a measuring cup and spoon and 'cooked.'

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Worn Out

Not gonna lie, I am. Totally. I normally get really tired around 3 if I'm still. If I'm on the go, I don't notice it as much. I'm not usually worn out at 8:30 (and I was worn out at 7). Today was a crazy day... or well, afternoon. I came home after high school for an hour before going to church to teach the elem. honor choir. Once I got there... I found out cheer pictures were today at 4:30 at the high school. I had just hung up Abigail's cheer uniform when I had gone home, but it wasn't enough to prompt my memory that she had pictures. It was totally out of my brain. I got an email about it a while ago, but it didn't make it into permanent storage. So, I sent Abigail up to David's office to ask him to go home and get it. Thankfully he was able to or she would not have been in the picture. Obviously I couldn't leave. Went onto choir and took the kids into the raquetball court to sing. I had told parents they could come hear them at the end of class if they'd like. So at 4pm when some parents showed up, I was thinking that's why... but no, they were there to take the cheer girls to pictures. We went back to the choir room and played a rhythm game and any parent who actually wanted to hear them, missed out. Choir ends at 4:15 so we went to the car to wait for David. She got dressed in the car and I took her to the high school. She made it thank goodness. Then I had to go back toward church and get Elijah... and then BACK to the high school to get Abigail. I was thinking I'd go home and feed the kids (except Noah) and then go to Noah's game. But nope, it was value menu once again. Ugh. Got to Noah's game a little late and thankfully found a parking spot that allowed me to watch from the car. I was having some pretty serious pains when I'd walk and didn't see how I could make it thru a game with Elijah. He watched a DVD and I tried to watch the game, but was also dealing with Abigail and Isaac... so I missed a lot. They did not win :( Noah made a great catch and ran about 15 yards though.
Got a note from Elijah's preschool saying H1N1 is running rampant thru the 2 year old classes :( That's not good. Wish Elijah didn't have to go, but I still have to go to work.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fingerpainting/room update

Abigail wanted to fingerpaint with Elijah. Found a kit at Target last night for $5. They started out pretty tame.

Isaac and Elijah gradually got messier...

I don't think Noah ever got any beyond his fingertip...

He and Abigail made me a Happy Birthday picture (I'm 36 today).

Elijah looking at his hands and saying "bleh."

But then he realized 'bleh' could be fun.

I've been doing a lot of work on the bonus room. My mom and step-dad came down Saturday to help paint. We were supposed to get the trim done Sunday but David came down with a stomach thing. We're pretty sure it is food poisoning. Doesn't make sense for him to get a stomach bug first. If we get them, it is normally after one of the kids got it. He thinks he got a hold of some bad sushi. He's still not all better.
I've been proud of myself though :) I had to make doors to the storage areas on either side of the front part of the room. I had them cut access to the areas under the roof line. I wasn't real sure how I was going to make doors, but I did it :) I cut out pieces of MDF and attached hinges. Today I cut trim pieces and started to attach them but I'm not a big fan of the hammer and nail. I'm going to get some small screws and finish attaching the trim. The nails are making me mad b/c they keep bending... and it just takes too long. Then I have to cut doors to the HVAC unit area...will just screw 1/2 inch MDF where the drywall would be and paint it... and the attic access. That one took me the longest to figure out what to do. I was going to attach trim and let the door rest on the trim, but I don't think that would be sturdy enough so I got brackets. I can go back and add trim later but I'm not going to right now. I'm ready for the room to be done! David will have to help me with the other doors... I'll have to cut them out of a big 4'x8' piece of MDF... I can't maneuver that much on my own that's for sure. Then I have to do the baseboards... and then someone else will do the carpet. Maybe David, but not sure he'll have time, so may have to hire someone. THEN just have to move in our measly furnishings. It won't be a very cute room for a while. Not until we can buy furniture for it. I'd like to get two chocolate colored couches. I looked at sectionals, but I'd rather have 2 couches. Doesn't seem like you really gain seating with a sectional, and you are limited in where you can put it. Until then... I'll have 2 denim This End Up chairs, a green plaid chair that was my grandmothers, and Noah's inflatable razorback chair. Stylish, huh? And we'll have a bed in the funky angled ceiling area... and of course a TV :)
Levi is coming in 2 weeks! I broke down and cried last night... was feeling a bit stressed with everything there is to do. But its ok, I know it is the pregnancy hormones. It isn't like me to cry just b/c I have a lot on my plate. Wish the rest of my house didn't have to fall apart just b/c I'm working on the bonus room... but such is life!
Oh, and if you haven't done so already... you need to get a starbucks card so you can sign up for the rewards program and get a free beverage on your birthday. My mom got me a card for my birthday, I signed up this morning, and I got a free venti pumpkin spice latte this afternoon! And it was oooh soooo good!
NOW I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad :(

I was not able to make my next appointment yesterday so had to call in today. Since I'm going weekly, I wanted to make the rest of them. I made one for next Monday... but for the next Monday I was told Dr. B would be out of town and "who would you like to see?" Uhm, I don't want to see anyone, and that is what I told her. After "uhming" for a bit, I said, "is it possible for me to see him before he goes and then not again until the induction?" So, that's what I'm doing. I'll go Oct 1 and then see him Oct 13! I hope anyway. He could always tell me on Oct 1 that I've got to see someone else, but unless there is a problem, I don't care to know how dilated/effaced I am. I know it really doesn't mean a thing.
The only 'good' thing I see in this is me not wanting labor to begin every single day the week leading up to it. Not that what I WANT to happen has any effect whatsoever on what WILL happen, but I'll be less anxious.
I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row. I got a bit more of the 'stuff' out of the way. Still have a lot of music to cram in my students.
The elementary choir is going well. I took them to the raquetball court today and had them sing in there. The choir room is full of sound-absorbing materials so it is tough to really hear them... and they certainly don't know how good they sound. But in the raquetball court with all that reverb... it was great :) They sounded like 50 voices instead of 20 :) Right now they are singing in 2 parts, but I hope to add the 3rd part next week. I didn't think I'd miss but one week, and it just so happens that parent teacher conferences are Oct 20... we would not have me that day anyway. But now of course I am missing Oct 13. They'll be ready for Christmas though... they are learning fast :) I'm having them learn solfege too, so it is all pretty new to them. But they are doing very well.
And it is funny to see Noah as a teacher rather than a mom. I know how he is, so it isn't really surprising, but it is still funny. He tries so hard to do his best, it is adorable. Abigail isn't quite the same. I'd say she is pretty normal. I have to get onto her for talking and tell her to pay attention at times, but Noah sits up straight and soaks everything in. He'll tell ME if I need to move him b/c others are distracting him and causing him to talk. ha!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Levi will be here by October 13th :) My doctor is out of town on the 12th, so that wasn't an option unless I wanted another doc... which of course, I don't. Hope he waits until the 13th too b/c I sure don't want to have him over the weekend when who knows who could be the doc on call- they share weekends with other clinics.
I actually lost 3 lbs. Doc said it was normal to fluctuate at this stage... though I've never done that before. I'll take it though! Right now I don't weigh any more than I have in past pregnancies, but still have 3 weeks to go. Don't know that I'll be able to continue saying that! Regardless, I know it will be tough to lose this time. I'm not 26 anymore! Breastfeeding takes a big ol chunk of it off- every time baby goes thru a growth spurt, I lose 5 lbs... but that last 15 lbs or so will take a bit more work I'm sure. Thankfully church has all brand new exercise equipment. I will take advantage of that as soon as I can.
Don't have much progress to report. I'm dilated to 1, but not very effaced. Doc was surprised this being my 5th pregnancy and all. BUT, I'm glad. Levi needs to stay in there a bit longer and I'd just assume him wait until the 13th. Makes planning for the other kids a lot easier... no middle of the night phone calls, no rushing around trying to tie up loose ends before going to the hospital... and of course, no water breaking in public :) My mom will come down Monday night (I have to be at the hospital at 5am). Her birthday is also the 13th. She'll stay here until we come home from the hospital.
The drywall is finished. I would take pictures except I could barely handle the smell just to walk down the hall and check it out. I turned the air on and hope the smell improves before tonight. From my quick check, it looks great.
We'll start painting on Thursday and will get the trim done Saturday (David hopes in time for kick-off). He will probably lay the carpet himself after that. We have it, just need to borrow the tools. Do have to buy padding though. Then we'll hopefully have 2 weeks for the room to fumigate from the various smells before baby enters it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rest of the Week

Elijah got better :) Once he got antibiotic in him for the ear infection, the croup cleared up. We went to Ft Smith for the weekend. We wanted to make one more trip before Levi makes his debut, and David had gotten a hold of tickets for himself and Abigail, Noah, Isaac, and Grampa. Abigail and Isaac decided they didn't want to go so my brother was able to join them instead.
All day Saturday I was experiencing some pretty intense pain. I was also contracting. I had to stop while at Wal-Mart to let things calm down before walking again. I attributed it to being 36 weeks pregnant with my 5th child... and nothing else. I told David the difference b/t the contractions I was having then and the ones I've been experiences since about 25 weeks (I don't remember exactly when they started, just that it was really early) was that these were starting while moving and the others always started once I sat down.
THEN that night they were really going strong, at about 7 minutes apart. I imagine had I been in Little Rock and David was with me, I wouldn't have been so concerned. I could have called my doc, gone to L&D, been given some meds to stop labor... and be sent back home...but with him being in Fayetteville and me being 2.5 hrs away from any doctor I knew... I was getting worried. I didn't want to go to a hospital I had only visited as a too curious child who would walk there to peek at the babies in the nursery.
Facebook and the internet to the rescue :) I read that a warm bath with epsom salt can calm the uterus... and a friend told me taking benedryl can. I did both and they did stop. I don't know if they were real contractions. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I guess I'll know when he tells me if I've progressed at all. It has me a bit more anxious to get everything ready. Hopefully the room will be done by this weekend. The carpet may not be laid, but I don't even care. We have the carpet and if all I can do is roll it out, fine. I'll deal. At least I'll have walls, electricity, and air conditioning (ok, and TV).
I also have a ton of stuff to get done at school. Not only in preparing my students for All Region and the PBS special we're recording at AETN on Nov 3... but also a bunch of paperwork type stuff that comes with the territory. I need to get busy!
Today was good. I didn't have the pains I was having all day yesterday except for a little bit tonight. I won't be taking any more road trips though :)
Took some pictures of the kiddos while at my mom's... and a new belly shot of me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, E got bad again and was at Children's from about 9-12:30 last night. I probably would have waited til morning under normal circumstances, but not knowing what was causing the croup and having little to no understanding of flu symptoms (I've never had it, only time kids have had it was Abigail and Noah right after I had Isaac and I stayed away), I got worried more than usual. It was so strange that he got better and then got worse. But, I suppose an ear infection can cause that... which he has. He got a steroid shot last night and slept peacefully all night long. This morning he woke up a bear (typical with steroids... and lack of sleep) and would not let me get away. I thought the mudder was coming at 7:30 this morning. He still isn't here and under normal circumstances that would have caused for one stressful morning b/c I would have been going to school. I couldn't get a hold of him to find out what was going on... and need to go to Walgreen's to get Elijah's antibiotic. E is sleeping peacefully, finally. For the first hour and a half after he woke up (but still wanted to sleep), he wasn't really asleep, just resting all over me and if I dared try to move an inch, he'd get upset. I don't ever post pictures of my belly, but I'm making an exception b/c this is how E INSISTED on laying. He had to be on my bare belly OR ELSE!

He finally got good and 'out' and I was able to move. This is a much sweeter picture :)

And he is still asleep thankfully.

Mudder finally called and said it would be noon. So at least I can go get that antibiotic. I know they have unpredictable things come up on various jobs... but it is so dang annoying to not know what is going on.

Now the question is: to let E sleep or to put E in car and hope he goes back to sleep once there? He needs to get started on that antibiotic in order to feel better :(

Monday, September 14, 2009

If you don't like spiders...

then you probably don't want to double click on this picture:

but if you are somewhat fascinated by them (as I am), then click away :)
Of course, if this guy were in my house, he'd be squooshed. I hate bugs in my house. Especially roaches... and I wouldn't take a picture of a roach no matter where it was. They are just gross. Spiders... I don't know. I like to watch them. So when I saw this guy on the side of the house, I had to take his picture. He was wrapping up his dinner.

Elijah felt good all day, no fever. He got a bit croupy during his nap (though I elevated the top legs of his crib, it's not enough). Other than that, you wouldn't know anything was wrong. No stuffy nose or anything. Hopefully tonight will go well and he can go to school tomorrow. He's been down for an hour and a half... so far so good.

I forgot to share a sweet moment. David and I have been singing with the worship team for a few years. The kids sit on the 2nd row while we are on the platform. During prayer time Sunday, Bro. Jim asked anyone who wanted to kneel down front and pray to feel free to do so. A handful did... Noah being one of them. I don't know when he went down, I didn't see him, just noticed him kneeling on the steps after a while. I asked him after church what prompted him to go down front and he said "I just wanted to pray." So sweet. Of course, when I saw my little 9 year old there, I got all teary eyed which makes it a bit tough to sing!

Oh, and the mudder came today! He'll have to come back tomorrow and maybe the next day too for the various coats, but YEY for keeping it going :) Elijah wanted to give him something every time he walked by. Thankfully he had a 2 year old of his own and was very nice about it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our walls are up :) I hope they come mud SOON. I really want to get busy painting. I think we're going to paint it a light turquoise color. I want something bright and fun, but not girlie. Didn't want green b/c they kid's rooms are cucumber. I was also considering a melon color, but I think furniture would look better with turquoise. I painted some sample boards and will be ready to go once we have mud. Then we'll hire someone to install the carpet and do the trim ourselves. I'd rather buy a table saw with the money we'd spend hiring someone. I've always wanted one.

I'm happy with the job they did. I knew all those angles would be a mess. Just wasn't happy with the horrible red clay footprints they left all over my stairs and hall. They were downstairs too, but on the wood floors. Hard to imagine how someone has enough clay to track it all up the driveway, sidewalk, downstairs, upstairs and again when they came downstairs! There are two red footprints per step :(

We had to insulate the ceiling before the drywall could be put up. That was not fun. David did the hanging for the most part, I did the cutting. I had to hang a little, but not much. That stuff is a mess!

Elijah had a short-lived fever bug last weekend. Today he got croupy after church. It was odd how fast it came on. But he's doing better now. I'm sure it will get worse tonight though. David drove him to the hospital this afternoon, but his breathing improved by the time they got there so they didn't go in. He's not doing great, but he isn't laboring to breathe. REALLY stinks how often toddlers get sick!

(((Later... )))this is how he is sleeping:

Staying elevated is half the battle with croup. If he gets horizontal, it's awful. I wasn't sure he'd fit in this thing, but thought if he would... it'd be perfect. He went right out. I've got a cool mist humidifier next to him. (obviously I'll wash it before putting Levi in it :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few more covers

I ordered a few more covers. I'm not real sure the blueberry coveralls will work on a newborn. They'll be great a bit later since they are so adjustable, but I thought I needed a few more that will work on a newborn... and be easy enough for Dad. I have 4 of the plain jane dappi kind, but thought I might need some velcro.
SO I got some of the Thirsties duo wraps. They are adjustable, just not AS adjustable. These are size 1 and fit from 6-18 lbs. Size 3 fits 18-40. Pictured above are the different settings. They have snaps to adjust the rise... the velcro tabs adjust the waist. I put an infant prefold in one of them so those who don't know how they work can see just how easy it is :)
I also ordered another dozen of the "seconds" from I couldn't see a thing wrong with the first batch I got and since they are drastically less than any other site, I wanted to snatch up some more. So now I have 2 dozen in the infant size and 2 dozen in the regular size. Both sizes have 6 layers in the middle as opposed to 8 (which is common in the infant size, not to mention more expensive). I had the infant size with 8 layers in the middle with Elijah and didn't like them b/c they took too long to dry. I'd rather use a doubler for extra absorbancy than a thicker prefold.
I didn't use cloth on Elijah til he was a couple weeks old. I was a little scared to get started :) I also didn't want to invest in itty bitty diapers when my babies typically gain quickly. Both Noah and Elijah were 12 lbs at 4 weeks. Isaac and Abigail weren't THAT big, but they were still in the 75th and above percentiles. This time though, I'll use cloth from the start, except for whatever I come home from the hospital with. Some take cloth to the hospital... I may pack a few but I don't want to come home with a bunch of laundry. I just think cloth diapers are so dang cute, it is tempting. It *is* easier to tell when they are wet and for the nurses who bug the heck out of me about how often they peed (which I *do* understand and it *is* important, but i've also nursed 4 babies who ALL gained a full pound their first week of life, I know what I'm doing!) it could be a plus to use cloth. Not real sure I want that meconium on my diapers either!
Abigail had to leave school after recess. She had a fever. Elijah had a fever Friday night. Nothing ever developed more than the fever, so I never worried it was H1N1. I imagine Abigail has the same bug. So far I'm just fine. She'll be home tomorrow since she had fever today, but if she is like Elijah, she'll be better. We shall see.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bonus Room Progress

The electricity will get inspected by the city this week. Then it is all ready for drywall. I left a message for them and HOPE they can come at the end of this week or early next week. We'll see. We still have to insulate the ceiling, but that shouldn't take long. We'll have to do that one night this week. I'm just glad we got it cleaned out. I was picking up totes and handing them to David who was on a ladder to put in the attic. That wore me out completely. I had to go lay down after that. I really don't like that aspect of pregnancy. Then I fixed lunch for the kiddos. David kept working and after I finished with that, the room was pretty much cleared out. HURRAY for David. I vacuumed up a bunch of dust and junk and of course THAT wore me out too. grrrr. You can see the room a bit better now that there isn't so much stuff all over the place.

This is taken from the front of the room. The TV will go on that far wall. You can see the door to the hall on the right.

This is the right side of the room, taken from the door to the hall. There is a closet in that corner.

This is the front of the room. This is where we'll put a bed and Elijah's crib. There is another closet on the right.

Couldn't get a decent picture of this wall . This window is opposite the door to the hall, with closets on either side. We may add a built-in under the window... a bench with a hinged seat for storage.

Hopefully this room will quickly take shape now that we finally got the permit. I HOPE to get the drywall done by the end of next week, paint (ourselves) next weekend, get the carpet laid the next week, and then get the trim guy out here the week of the 28th.
My stomach is growling and it sounds so weird b/c it is on my right side, right above my elbow!

Friday, September 4, 2009

1985-6th grade

I haven't done "Show Us Where You Live/Your Life" in quite a while, but I knew I could participate today... this pic was already scanned :)

Can we say 1985? And thank you Sun-In for inspiring me to turn my hair orange.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

5.5 weeks left

Really? That's all I have? I can't believe it is here. Well, not HERE, but dang close!
Went to doc and all is good. He said we could probably get an induction scheduled for Oct 13 or 14 at the next visit. I was hoping to teach honor choir on the 13th, but I really (REALLY) want my doctor to deliver, so I don't want to delay and risk not having him. My mom also scheduled a closing on the 15th so it'd be good for her to be able to go on home and stay there, though she is willing to go home and come back if it isn't until the 14th. Her birthday is the 13th, so they might be sharing :) *MY* birthday is the 28th (of Sept). I never think much of it, but especially this time. I'm not looking forward to turning 36, ouch. All I want is to get the bonus room fixed. Last year, I wanted mulch in all the flower beds. I like projects :)
I asked if Levi was head down. I thought he was. I think he has been for a while, though he flips from side to side a lot. Doc confirmed that he is head down, so that's good. They don't usually turn right-side up once they get upside down.
We have a dumpster in our driveway in order to finish cleaning out the bonus room. DAVID GOT THE PERMIT TODAY. Hurray Hurray. Inspection will be Tuesday. Only problem with that is someone has to be here all day long. And I really hope David can work from home most of the day b/c it would STINK to have to take a personal day (only get 2) to wait for an electrician. I'd much rather use them next semester when there is a conflict with childcare or something. Not to mention how much I'm trying to get done at school before being off. The All Region music is really difficult... trying to get it in their little heads and also prepare them for this PBS special we're doing... and teach them another song to sing in chapel before I leave. I need to be there.
But after that is done, we can get the drywall up, paint, carpet, finish, and then WE'RE done. It can still get done before Levi.
I lugged stuff out of the backyard today. We've had a kiddie table for years that I keep trying to salvage. I've spray painted it with paint that supposedly adheres to plastic... but it really doesn't. And it keeps coming apart and is a pain to put together. Cute little table... but it needed to go. I didn't think I'd be able to get the pool out, but I did. I couldn't get it IN the dumpster, but I got it to the driveway. It served us two full summers, worth the $40 steal I paid for it. It got a hole in the top ring that is filled with air. I had to pump it up every day to keep it from collapsing. But I'm done with it now. Last year it sat wadded up on our patio all winter. I don't want it there again. That's the only problem with those things. No good place to store them. There was some other junk out there I got rid of. There is more on the side of the house, but I'm leaving that for David. I got more than I thought I'd be able to get. I'm glad we've had a weather reprieve this summer. I got hot, but nothing like I normally would have this time of year.
Just found out one of Noah's teammates broke his collar bone at the game the other night. Nice. They didn't know he broke it at the time, found out today. Flag football is supposed to avoid these types of injuries!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Let's see...
Had a great day at church Sunday. Sunday night Bro. Jim was preaching about Revelation and the power went out. The backlight on the cross in the baptistry came back on first, then the rest of the lights in the sanctuary. Bro. Jim said "well, we're all here." HA! It was so funny.
Tuesday was Noah's first football game with LifeChamps. Not only did they win their game, Noah caught the winning TD pass in the end zone. I loved watching him play, but getting to the field was beyond a pain. I had to park up a hill in a residential area, then maneuver the cheap umbrella stroller over rocks, curbs, boulders, grass... and downhill. THAT wasn't so bad. And even though I had David help me get Elijah back to the car (he's the coach, he got there early with Noah and parked elsewhere), getting myself back up that hill was not fun. My hips felt like they were about to collapse. I had on the shoes I always wear, they have about a 2" heel... and are normally very comfortable.... but walking up hill in them was horrible.
Got home and cleaned out the garage a bit. Our dumpster was delivered yesterday and we only get it til Friday morning, so I had to do a little. Then came in and cleaned the kitchen. I didn't sit all day long (except for when sitting in the grass watching Noah play). I was in some serious pain last night.
TODAY, being Wednesday... was long. I don't come home on Wednesdays. I left at 8:30, took Elijah to Preschool... and let me just interject here how good he is doing. I am so thankful he enjoys it. The first week I had to hold him for a while til he was ready to get down and play, which was just fine with me. But now, he runs into school saying "play! play!" He's practically dancing when he gets in the room. He stays for nap Mon-Wed b/c I have Jr. High Choir that gets out 5 min after the morning session ends... SO I don't pick him up til 2:30 or so. I had time to kill today after getting work done at school so I went to KMart. Got some toys to pack in my hospital bag for Elijah. Who knows when Levi will come, but if it is in the afternoon Elijah may spend some time at the hospital waiting with everyone else. Even if he isn't there then, he'll come visit and I want to have something new for him to play with. Abigail wants to make a banner for Levi, so I'll pack some stuff for them to work on that.
I'm thinking about letting Abigail miss school when Levi is born if I'm induced. She asked today and I thought it might be neat for her. She is such a huge help to us, I figure she deserves a perk... and I'd like to have her there.
I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'm going to give him my 'birth plan' and hopefully discuss induction. I *really* want my doctor. I felt so great after Elijah was born and think he had everything to do with it. I figure he'll be willing to induce a week early, which would be Oct 14. And since I think they have my due date later than it really should be (and I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead), I could still go into labor on my own before that... and in that case I'll just have to hope my doc is on call. If this were my first, I wouldn't be so gung-ho about inducing... but being my 5th and all (and having had 2 induced early and 2 coming on their own early), I'm ok with it.
SO we'll see how it goes tomorrow.