Thursday, August 2, 2012


I don't intend to stop blogging altogether, but since I am not doing it regularly, I don't know which moment to blog about. It is easy when you blog almost daily!  I used to have a laptop, but now use an iPad.  My typing speed has gone from 85 wpm to about 25.  Annoying.

We haven't had the most exciting of summers. First week out of school we visited my dad.  We went to the Gatlinberg aquarium and a couple other fun places.  Haven't done much else this summer. David has a lot going on with his State Senate campaign.  The kids have had camps and football/volleyball practices... and various check ups. STILL have to get them to the doc for their physicals so they can play sports. But yeah... Pretty boring stuff. I haven't even reached my goal of getting Levi potty trained!

Mt 20th HS reunion was two weeks ago. I suppose that was the highlight of my summer.  It was more fun than I expected.   Got to hang with my BFF since 8th grade.

And now we a facing another move. Not real happy about that but I know I will be once moved. We were told by landlord that he has a buyer. We have to be out by middle of October but I am hoping to be out by mid September. October starts my crazy season.  We have not sold our other house but it is rented by a couple who plan to buy it. They will do a lease purchase so that helps. But still, our loan officer had to work hard to get us approved when we already have a house.  We are limited in where we can live... Same issue as last year.  We really want to stay in our same neighborhood.  Kids have made friends here and they love the pool.  There are other neighborhood pools but apparently this is the one older kids prefer.  And they can walk there.  There is only one house for sale here and they want more than it is worth. We made an offer to no avail.  Even though the rates are great and paying more would mean just a bit more in the monthly payment, I'm not over paying in this market. No way.  SO we may have to change neighborhoods.  Prayers appreciated!

School starts for me on Monday. I love my schedule.  4th intermediate choir, 5th advanced choir, lunch, 6th FINALLY have a CLASS for jr high, 7th prep, 8th 7th grade Bible.   I'll be home with Levi in the mornings.

And I should get my laptop back all fixed and ready to go with an actual keyboard. I look forward to that!