Friday, April 30, 2010

I don't think there has been a busier time in my life. Thank goodness my mom is here a lot or I really don't think I'd be sane! That and oxytocin! God knew what He was doing when He made the hormone that allows mamas to nurse their babies have valium-like effects! Our God is a gracious God! I'm not even kidding. I am grateful. It FORCES me to sit every few hours. That's a nice side effect as well.
Early voting starts this Tuesday. Get out there and VOTE. Races like David's are determined by a small # of votes.
I still have a lot of pictures to upload. Maybe when summer is here...
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet stillness

Love it when he just sits in my lap.
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Friday, April 16, 2010


I am sitting on the bus at Dallas Baptist University while my students watch "The Fantasticks" in a theater that did not have a graceful exit. Levi was asleep and he doesn't typically wake up crying but obviously I wasn't going to risk it. I would have had to walk thru the side of the stage right in front of the tech folks to leave. Very small theater. So- walked down to the bus which was interesting bc this place is full of stairs with no ramps. BeaUtiful campus though so I didn't mind the walk. Was a little scary strolling Levi down some STEEP hills but I took my shoes off and went slow :). He is now awake and playing with toys. I think he is enjoying the brak from LOTS of activity. He's been great. Choir sang great in the festival today too. Got a superior rating and a trophy. May get 'best overall' but don't know yet. We also sang in the chapel at Farmer's Branch Historical park and the 'chapel' here which is bigger than most first baptist churches. It is huge and the acoustics were fabulous.
Tomorrow it is Six Flags and home. Hope he does well on the trip home. He slept practically the whole way here. He's been doing so well. It is good that he is sitting up. He's loving his toys.
Still have pictures I need to upload going back to Abigail's birthday a month ago! I'll get there... One of these days.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

What all babies prefer

So funny. All these snazzy toys and its always the tag that gets all the attention.
Sunday is Easter. I didn't get a new dress. I feel like an easter dress needs to be pastel or spring colors- and I wear neither. The few times I've actually gotten an 'eastery' dress- I never wore it afterwards. So- I'll wear a target dress I got a month or so ago. I've worn it to church- but with boots. I'll wear it with heals so it'll at least be a little different :) Not that I care. I will be directing the choir and hope people will be focused on Christ- not the fact that they've seen me wear that dress before :)
I'm hoping the egg drop doesn't get rained out :(
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Turns out the helecopter can't fly over the residential area my church is in SO the egg drop will take place at Ark Bapt High School at 6- eggs dropped on football field.
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