Saturday, August 29, 2009

diapers post washing...

((if you missed my post from earlier today, read it first :)

This is after washing. Notice the bleached diapers quilted up well with just one wash, the unbleached have a way to go. I put an old unbleached newborn diaper left from Elijah's stash (sold the rest, dumb me, didn't know we'd have another baby) on top of the new ones to show the difference. I won't be using the new ones for a while so I have plenty of time to keep washing :) Click to view larger...

The flat diapers puffed up too, but I didn't take a picture of them b/c they are still, well, flat :) I did origami fold them all. They are ready to put a little baby in :)

Cleaned this thing out. It's been holding odds and ends since I stopped using it with Elijah. I put Elijah's disposables in the middle, and the folded flat diapers on either side, wipes above them, and covers on top.


They came :)

2 sized prefolds on left, flat diapers on right. Can make the flat diapers fit babies of any size depending on the way you fold them. There are more ways to fold flat diapers than I ever imagined. Just go to youtube and search "flat fold diapers" and you will see a ton. Here is a good example of how one fold can be done 3 ways to fit different sized babies. I like this fold... simple, but puts the absorbency where it is needed. I do use a snappi, though the nice lady at Little Lions included a couple diaper pins (always good to have on hand for when you can't find your snappi). She also sent a few extra wipes and an extra prefold :)

Covers. Top 4 are one size that adjust with snaps. Bottom 6 are the pull on pant type in nylon rather than vinyl. Newborn on left, small on right.

Here is a good example of using prefolds. A lot less involved, especially with velcro covers. I opted for snaps b/c I personally like them. I'll buy some pockets or all in ones later when Levi is in someone else's care. But for now, it's just me and I can do diaper/cover just fine. I do plan to let Abigail diaper him some with cloth this time around. Didn't let her with Elijah, but she's 2.5 years older now. She *wants* to change him... I'm not making her. She wanted to change Elijah too I just wasn't sure she was ready for that, though she probably would have been just fine.
I also got some cloth wipes. I won't use them exclusivley... didn't use them at all with Elijah. But do remember thinking "I might as well." I just didn't have any. I really like these. Super soft on one side, textured on the other.
These pictures were taken before I washed the diapers. I'll take some more after they are washed a few times. They fluff up and are super soft. Right now they are flatter than a pancake and stiff. I bought "clearanced" diapers b/c they were less and supposedly had some imperfections, though I sure couldn't find any. The white ones are bleached cotton, the others are unbleached. I don't really have a preference b/t the two, just bought sale :)
So there you have it :) I know it sounds insane to be excited about diapers. I thought the same before I started using cloth. Didn't understand what was exciting or addictive about it... though I do now :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

About that time?

I can't believe I am only 7 or so weeks away from Levi. It has flown by. I'm just now *really* thinking about it. I don't worry about stuff til what comes before it is over. So, when I first got pregnant I just thought about everything going on at the time. Then came summer, so I concentrated on the summer... then starting off the school year. Well, the next "big thing" is baby. I'm checking things off my list. I ordered my diapers. I'm washing baby clothes, making sure I have what I need. I still have to get downtown and get a permit to finish the bonus room. *what a pain* The electrician can't get his until I get mine (didn't know I had to get one) and we can't move to the next step (drywall) until the electricity is inspected... and you need the permit for that. I said I was going to make myself go this week, but I just couldn't. I really don't want to drag Elijah there b/c I have no idea how long it will take or what is involved and I didn't have time to go when he was at preschool. bleh. If it wasn't all the way downtown it wouldn't be so bad.
I typed up my birth preferences today... Don't cut the cord til it stops pulsating, evaluate baby on my chest, no hep B shot, and no eye drops. I also want to be able to drink fluids during labor (not just eat ice). Fluids with CALORIES. No episiotomy, no pacifiers... stuff like that. I requested the nurse I had last time. She was AWESOME. She may not be working, but if she is, I want her! I won't hesitate to be induced either b/c my doc is incredible and I want him (though I wouldn't be induced if this was my first).
Just got my Instahangers in. I'm hoping to get them installed tonight, just in time for the big load to finish drying :) and the one waiting to wash... but I'll have to manage a drill and an Elijah. We'll see how that goes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Laundry Room Solution!

I don't have a laundry room. I have a laundry closet. It is upstairs with all the bedrooms- that was important to me when we built the house. The actual ROOM, I thought I could do without. It is at the end of the upstairs hallway, before the bonus room. I've done many things over the 5 years that we've been here. I had a rolling rack in the hallway to hang clothes, but that was always in the way b/c I have hampers in the hallway too. I also hung a backseat car travel bar on the cabinet doors that used to be above the washer and dryer. It was rather high and the kids would knock it off when trying to get something off of it. I hang, they put away, but I would have to stand there and hand them bundles of clothes. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to have something they could reach, and wasn't in the way. We moved the cabinets that were there to the garage b/c I eventually want to get a stackable front loader, so I've had nothing to hang clothes on for the past few weeks. I just found this:

12 inches of hanging space and up to 45 lbs. I got three of them. I can put them on the back of the doors to the closet... one for each (older) kid. They can get their own stuff and put it away. And they won't be seen when the closet doors are closed. YEY! Love it when I find something that is really going to help! And even when we get the stackable W/D... these will still be great. This is similar to how I want my laundry closet to look like... eventually...
I would have hampers across the bottom.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I bought diapers today, and I did GOOOOOD! I'm very happy with how much I spent considering how long this stuff will last. I got:
Dappi Nylon pants, 2 newborn, 2 small (yes, this is the plain-jane type cover, but it's better than vinyl and I don't care... it's cheap)
1 dozen indian Infant prefolds (4x6x4- which I prefer over the 4x8x4 b/c those take forever to dry)
1 dozen indian Regular prefolds (again, 4x6x4)
1 dozen flat diapers
4 Blueberry Coveralls
12 cloth wipes (I won't always use cloth wipes, but I liked the price and can use them as doublers)
All for $125.
To explain the lingo to those not into cloth diapering...
The dappi pants are like the vinyl ones you can buy at wal mart that some use for potty training... they are just made of nylon and a little nicer IMO. newborn fits to 13 lbs, small to 19 lbs.
The infant prefolds will fit to about 15 lbs. The '4x6x4' is the number of layers of indian cotton used. 4 layers on either side, 6 layers in the middle. MUCH better than the Gerber kind you buy at Wal-Mart. There is no comparison. These are 'seconds' b/c the hems are crooked. I couldn't care less about the hem. They were a lot cheaper, so I got em!
The regular prefolds will fit til around 30 lbs. After 20 lbs, Levi can wear Elijah's all in ones too. I decided to use prefolds/covers this time around b/c I got tired of having to stuff the one size pockets I used with Elijah... and I sold them.
They also have one size covers now. Didn't have those with Elijah, which is one of the reasons I used pockets. Prefolds/covers didn't seem much cheaper when you had to buy new covers all the time. My babies tend to grow fast, so they don't stay in the small sizes long. But *now* they have one size covers (they had one size diapers, why didn't they have one size covers?). That's what the Blueberry Coveralls are. They're the only 'cute' thing I got... but since they fit 10-40 lbs, they are worth the extra cost.

I got this lemon lime print, 2 meadow green, and a cow print.... all snaps.
And that's it! Should be all I need to buy. I'll be able to wash often when I'm on maternity leave. I think I have a few medium all in ones too that should fit when I return to school. I can save those for whomever is taking care of him.
Went to Target tonight. Didn't get anything exciting. Just a $3 pair of off white baby legs. I was so happy to discover Target was carrying babylegs... but they don't stock any styles for boys. You can only find the boy styles on line :(
David was checking out while we were playing on the spots...

Isaac's being a macho man.

David could hear Elijah saying "cheese!" over and over again as he was walking out.
Also went to Walgreens who is finally carrying Pssst! again. I was having to buy Batiste that costs $2 more for a smaller can and can only be found at Sally's. If you have not tried this stuff, you should. It is dry shampoo that's been around since the 60s. Not only does it buy an extra day of not shampooing, (and not straightening, saving TIME), it gives you some volume. David always compliments my hair on the days I use it. Yeah, the name is dumb. If you can't find it, ask for "dry shampoo" b/c you will never be able to request "pssst" and be understood. But TRY IT. I promise, you'll like it :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tonight we had Meet the Eagles at the high school. Found out Tuesday the Elem. Cheerleaders were supposed to be there. Then found out last night she could wear her uniform to school... which I still had to alter.

Then we get there early so she could practice. They had some cute stuff to do.

They took a group picture... but there is no picture of them on the field b/c they walked on, and walked off. That's it.
After taking her to a slumber party and talking to the mom for an hour or so (we were both starved for adult conversation :) I came home. Elijah would take my phone, push the button on the side to make it a camera, hand it to me, then climb in the chair and say "cheese." After each picture, he'd climb down to see it on my phone. This one was the best... though I wish some of the ones of him with his hands on his cheeks really cheesing it up would have turned out... sometimes he was too anxious to see it after he posed that they blurred.

And then he climbed in my lap and wanted one of both of us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I never have anything to share after a visit to the doctor. It's always a quick in and out. I never have any questions, just get to pee in a cup, check blood pressure, and hear the heartbeat. Pretty uneventful, thank goodness.
Today's visit wasn't a whole lot different, he just said I was measuring 33 weeks rather than 31. No surprise there b/c I said early on that I was ahead of the Oct 21 due date they set for me. Ultrasounds have indicated the same. And to measure another week ahead just means this one is normal for me. Abigail was 8lbs 3oz 9 days early (on own), Noah was 8 lbs one week early (induced and his due date was set by ultrasound since I didn't have a LMP to go by), Isaac was the small one at 7 lbs 3oz 6 days early (on own, induction was scheduled for the next day) and Elijah was 8 lbs 6oz one week early (induced). So, I expect this one to be around 8 lbs and a week early... the question is whether or not I'll be induced or go on my own. I'm guessing induced... but we shall see.
The surprise was my weight gain. I'd only gained a pound and a half since my previous visit 4 weeks ago. I feel like I've gained at least 5 lbs, but I do go at the same time of day with each visit. It'd be nice if I could only gain a few more lbs, but I know at the very end a pound a week isn't unusual. My doctor said my weight looks "great" and I wonder if he's looking at my blood pressure number rather than weight... cuz it is NOT great to me! I am bigger than I've ever been in the past. Suppose that comes with being 35 and all. But UGH I am really going to hate losing it! I'm glad my church has all that brand new work out equipment b/c I will definitely be putting it to use!
Here's some pictures of my cutie as we were leaving preschool:

He likes to put on his backpack :) I was trying to take a picture so you could read "Elijah" on the back, but he had to turn around and say "cheese!"

He stopped for a drink and is even saying "cheese" here.

Then we got outside and he wanted to follow the feet painted on the sidewalk.

Us at home, sitting in a chair, a common sight.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Clothes

This is what I've gotten Levi. I love this little outfit b/c you can snap the bottom part differently and make a gown.

It also came with a bib, but I hate bibs. Cute little duckie booties :)

I got this set for the outfit on the left. That's what he'll wear home from the hospital. I like the outfit in the middle too, but don't love the one on the right.

And here's this cute little guy dancing with Barney as he sings "I love you... you love me..." etc

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

31 Weeks

Thought I needed an updated picture.
This morning as I was getting the kids ready for school, I pulled out Abigail's lunch bag and got splattered by something. Felt a bit like wet sand, only it stuck to me. Then it started moving. Then I realized it was ants. LOTS of ants. I tell the kids if they don't eat all their food to bring it home, but I didn't mean if it was opened. She had 2 crackers in there that ants were covering. COVERING. They were everywhere. Her backpack was in front of the door and I guess they just marched right on in. I first vacuumed them up with the mini-vac, but then the battery died so I got the big one. In the meantime, Elijah emptied out the little one and had crumbs and ants everywhere. Fun. All this is going on when I'm in a hurry to get the kids ready and myself. It was a fun morning. Got the kids lunches packed and I guess got distracted b/c 2 of them didn't make it into their backpacks Found them as soon as David pulled away, called him and he came back. But ugh! It was not a fun morning.

Monday, August 17, 2009

the weekend and GOOD news!

Saturday night a bunch of people from high school got together in Fort Smith. Allyce (best friend since high school) and I met a bit early b/c we knew we'd be leaving early. Didn't know the place was located outside! It was HOT. I had a good time until the band started (though I am rather anti-social when pregnant... don't know why, but always am). I will never understand why music so loud you cannot even hear yourself yell is a good thing. Loud is one thing... this was another, though I'm not sure what. I think they were good too, but my brain was vibrating so it was hard to tell.
I don't normally go to bed until 11, but I'm rarely out past 7. It really took a toll on me. I got up at 6:30 (by force of Elijah) and had coffee. David was up around 8. I was still feeling awful so I went back to bed. Up again at 9... but back to bed again! This time til 11. My mom took Abigail, Noah, and Isaac to the pool. I went out for a bit while Elijah napped. Found Levi his 'home from hospital' outfit at Kohl's. I'll post a picture when I take one. We left around 4:30... got home and had a bunch of stuff to do to get ready for Monday morning.
Elijah had his first day today. He went right in, no tears. He even napped. I didn't expect that the first day. He'll be going all day on Mon, Tues, Wed... or I should say, I'll be paying for all day, he won't always stay but today I had to go to the store. The morning session ends at 12 and jr high choir doesn't end until 12:05. It meets during lunch though and I'm not going to meet with them on Thursday or Friday. SO on Thursday and Friday, I'll be able to get there by noon.
School is going well. Kids came home with their fund raiser stuff today... which I hate with a passion. Noah has already sold $57 (to one very kind neighbor). The others are working on it (sorry Jill!!). I wouldn't hate it so much if we just had one turn in... but we have 3. Three times (times three kids) I'm compiling and checking all their stuff. Hate it (times three!). Great cause, but major ordeal.
Pregnancy... I am very much to that huge awkward stage. I dyed my hair last night in the downstairs bathroom b/c E was asleep in our room. I apparently got some dye on the lower part of my belly and then rubbed up against the drawer in the bathroom. The color hadn't developed so I didn't know it happened... until I went back in to rinse it out of my hair and saw this huge stain. niiiiice. Then I had to rinse it out in the tiny tub. I nearly drowned myself by leaning back in the tub, putting my hair under the faucet, face up. Water went everywhere and I couldn't move fast enough to keep it from going up my nose! pathetic really. That is not the way I usually rinse it out, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!
One more aggravation... and I do realize it is largely due to the fact that I am just much more easily aggravated when pregnant... why does every woman who has ever had a child feel the need to share all their details with you just b/c you are obviously pregnant? --though the checkout lady at Kohl's actually said, "oh are you expecting?" Haven't heard that in months. it is always "you are going to have a baby SOON!" and then shock when I tell them I have months left... Anyway... check out gal at Kroger started talking and talking and talking and talking (and I wasn't asking... did I mention I'm rather anti-social when pregnant?) and to make it worse, she talked with her hands. When her hands were talking, she was not working and I had hundreds of dollars of groceries for her to scan. Finally I started texting David hoping she'd think I was busy and stop talking. It worked (shame on me, but I still had to get Elijah and well, my food was thawing...). I suppose I should find it sweet that they want to share all about their pregnancies with me, but I'm just not in the mood when I'm running errands. I want to get it done and go home!
I did discover a FABULOUS change of plans today. I was looking in the teacher manual b/c I thought I might lose pay over my maternity leave. I thought it was 6 weeks, regardless of how much sick leave you have saved up (I have plenty since this is my 10th year at AB). Found out it is TWELVE! And since there are some breaks in there... I can be off starting Oct 12 (I'm due Oct 21, but I imagine they will induce around the 14th if I don't have him early on my own, so far I'm 2 for 2... Abigail 9 days early on own, Isaac 6 days early on own, Noah and Elijah induced a week early) and not return until Jan 25! I hate it for my students, but obviously my first priority is Levi and if I can be home with him longer, WONDERFUL!! Hopefully my sub will be great and it won't be a big deal that I'm not there.
Now its laundry time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

This week

School has gone well for all of us. It's just been crazy getting back into the swing of things. Thankfully my mom was here to watch E. That helped tremendously. Everything is so much crazier during school. We've also been dealing with the car issue. We got a Malibu today. We're grateful we don't have to share, but were hoping for a car to fit all of us. We *thought* we were going to be able to get a Traverse which we LOVED, but the MPG needed to be 2 better than the Cadillac and it was only 1. We had been told 1 by one salesman, but that wasn't right according to the cash for clunkers program. SO regular ol car it is. Still amazing to think we are paying less for this car and buying it than what we paid for the PT Cruiser years ago... and were leasing it.
Who knows, maybe we're just supposed to keep this car for when the kids are driving.
Can you believe I'm 7 months along? I can't. I'll barely be back in school before I'll be off again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lunch Bags

I have been too busy to do much of anything lately... and don't feel like blogging about it. But do want to post the lunch bags I made.

I made Isaac's so it would attach to his bag. He has a smaller backpack, which is good... he's a smaller kid... so I wanted it to fit on the outside of the bag. He picked out the stripes.

Noah's is camo to match his gray bag. I used stiff netting between two layers of fabric to make them stand up a bit.

Some of my pictures uploaded sideways even though I didn't take them that way and they don't look this way when viewing them on my computer. Blogger has done this before... don't understand why.

Abigail's bag has batting between the layers and I used some fabric paint, ribbon... and a button closure.

Glad I got them done. I wanted to make them, but didn't think about the time I don't have right now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I was testing the ability to post from my phone, now I can't seem to delete this day :)
I will say... bottle of nail polish being used as a hockey puck across the bar in the kitchen, right when I'm getting dinner finished (which was much later than usual due to looking at cars), that is missed by the other 'goalie' and slides onto the tile floor, shattering and flinging nail polish all over the place... makes for a very UNrelaxing Sunday evening.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sewing sewing and car

(click on it to view larger)

Had a baby shower to go to tonight. I've been hoarding a 15% off coupon for the Children's Place and thought I'd find something there. Waited about 25 minutes for it to open with Noah and Isaac and then found nothing. On the mom's registry, she said baby (adopted baby, so shower came after baby) looks best in bold, bright colors... I didn't find anything I really liked and NOTHING on sale. I thought about heading to Target, but stopped by Hobby Lobby first. I'm so glad I did! I guess I do my fabric searching on Sundays b/c I don't know that I've ever really looked there (they're closed on Sundays). I found TONS of fabric that I loved. So, I made a lovie/blanket. It's a bit bigger than your typcial lovie and smaller than a baby blanket. I think it is about 2'x2'. I thought I'd have it made in under an hour. I was wrong. ha It took FOREVER to pin on the loops. The sewing was nothing, even though the loops are triple stitched. Took 3 hrs to complete. Wish I'd started on it sooner so I could have had it monogrammed. Was happy how it turned out nonetheless. The hot pink side is flannel. They had some nice 100% cotton batting I considered putting between the layers. It would have made it a bit nicer looking I think, but it would be too hot most days. Also had some multi colored thread, all pastel shades. I haven't seen that before, though I'm sure its been around. You can't tell in the pic, but that is what I used for the top stitching.
I also got some lime green cotton knit to make a moby wrap. Examples:

Not much making involved. I could have gotten twice the yardage and just cut it down the center and made two of them, but they didn't have 6 yards of the fabric and well, I'm cheap :) I'll put a french seam in the center. I've never used one of these but they do look comfy. I'll make a sling too.
I made a lunch sack for Isaac yesterday. Decided to make one for all the kids since they cost $9 a piece. No big deal to buy one... but $36 for lunch bags? No thank you. Isaac's was a bit of a test run and I don't love it so am going to make another. I'm sure I'll need an extra though.

I threaded a shoelace thru some eyelets I sewed. Bow isn't quite this long with the loop I tied in the back so I can attach it to his backpack. But, just not crazy about it. Made some goofs in the sewing and have figured out a better way.
On the car... there is a *possibility* that we may find a car. We heard about some lots that got some hail damage and have some REALLY good deals. With that and cash for clunkers... we may find something. We drove over there after the shower. There was actually a NEW car that we could all fit in. We would have to scrape the payment out of the budget, but for a car we could keep for years to come that would WORK and has a payment equal to my first ever car payment 13 years ago (for a Taurus that wasn't even new)... we'll find a way. Don't know the details so I'm not overly hopeful. Seems too good to be true... and to still be sitting there.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Car Issue

Looks like we will be a one car family. I'm not real sure how we're gonna swing that one, but I don't know how to squeeze a car payment out of an already tight budget. The cash for clunkers deal seems great... and it is... but b/c it is so good all the cheap cars are GONE. We were wanting (needing) to make it one more year and then get something that can hold the entire family. Don't want to get another car that doesn't work for us. So, we may become a one car family for a year and then get something that all of us can fit in.... in a year.
If I were home, this wouldn't be as big of a deal. Oh I'd hate it for sure. I want out of the house BADLY even if just to go to the bank when I'm home all day. But it is optional. I don't have the option of going to work. And there are these things called bells. I have to be there at certain times. It isn't flexible. I also have to run kids to piano lessons. And I only teach until noon, so I can't be dropped off and left there all day. I have to pick up Elijah, noon on some days, 3 on others. David is used to being able to come and go as he pleases. He has meetings with various people that will be difficult if we have one car. We *can* do it, it just won't be easy. It will be stressful.
Yeah, we're adding a baby but he doesn't really change anything. He'll be quite portable and can sleep wherever. Elijah is the bigger problem b/c he naps in the afternoon. Bleh. That's about all I can say. At least I'll be home from the middle of October til first of January. That part will be easy. And so will next summer... it is the now til October and Jan-end of May that will be a real problem.
As bad as it will be, I really don't want a car payment. I think carving the money out for that would be harder on us than managing one car. I just pray the van doesn't have any problems b/c then we'd be in a REAL mess. We don't fit in just any ol car.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I intended to get some pictures from our wedding posted since our anniversary was Monday, but that didn't happen. The last two days of summer 'vacation' were anything but. I've been extremely busy lately. We didn't do anything for our anniversary. Funny thing about having more than 2 kids... nearby grandparents only want one at a time. We were installing a 50 inch plasma TV above our fireplace Monday night. Abigail was at her grandparents and OH MY was it hard without her here.
We don't ever buy anything on credit... but this was one of those "too good to pass up" deals. Not only did I think we would have the bonus room finished long before now... I also thought we'd have a flat screen above the fireplace long before now. We've had a large cabinet with a high def tube TV in it. It has been in the way for 5 years. I did NOT want a 50 inch TV. I really didn't want anything above 40, but was ok with 42. Of course, that all changed when the 50 inch was on a HUGE sale (and I do mean huge) plus we could get 36 months same as cash. So, we got it. I *did* want David to have something nice. He's been working lots of extra jobs lately but all the money has been going toward the bonus room, back to school supplies, and all the other 'stuff' that makes us NEVER have 'extra' money.
Also on Monday: I lost the boys for a little while. It was the most awful thing I've gone thru, even though it wasn't real. I didn't know that. Their bikes were in the front yard, they were no where to be seen. I had Abigail go look for them at the most obvious friend's house. Elijah was napping. She came back saying "they weren't there." Then we checked the only other houses they could be at. Nothing. That's when I lost it. My MIL got there to pick up Abigail. She drove her down the street to check another house and then back. Nothing. Then she went back to the first house we checked. I called David and told him I couldn't find the boys. Right after telling David, Kathy found them. They WERE at that house, just no one answered the door when Abigail went. I didn't know no one came to the door. I thought she'd asked for them. I was every bit of hysterically upset. Dry-heaving in the sink. Nice. I thought they were gone. I knew seeing me like that was enough to make Noah never do it again, but also knew that wouldn't be the case for Isaac. I didn't want to spank both of them so didn't spank either. And the very next day... yep, Isaac goes next door to a friend's house without telling me. He is such an "in the moment" child. He doesn't think. It's not a good thing. He did get spanked that time.
After I got myself together, I got a phone call from the police about a missing child report. I was thinking a neighbor called b/c I had been yelling their names at the top of my lungs. They the officer mentioned David and that's when I realized he must have hung up before I said "I've got them, they're here." I'd said it soon after calling him b/c Kathy had found them. I didn't know David had hung up and was calling the police! I called David... he was speeding home in an overheating car.
Yesterday I rearranged the furniture. Now that that big ol cabinet is out of the way, the room is totally different. I brought a bench down from the bedroom and moved a chair from the office... and there is STILL more room in here than before! I'll take pictures soon...
Last night I had to go to school to work on my room. I got some GREAT shelves so I can finally have a music library. These shelves are made specifically for storing music. They are super tall bookcases that are on casters in a unit and you pull the entire thing out. There are two side by side. That doesn't explain it well, but they are great :) I had to get my music put on them and the shelves positioned where I wanted them.
I had meetings this morning. I'll have to go back to school some more at night. We are given lots of 'work in room time' but I'm missing those times to come home and going back at night when David is here. David is working from home while I'm in meetings and Abigail is babysitting Elijah... for pay. First time for that. The boys are going to extended care at school.
One last thing: and it's bad news. David drives an old car. It was my mom's and they couldn't sell it for much, so they gave it to David to drive. It has been a huge blessing b/c we haven't had to have car payements. Took it in b/c we knew there was something wrong with the radiator... but didn't expect it to be $2000 worth of wrong. We're getting a '2nd opinion' hoping to get a better price... but if it isn't any better... I don't see us fixing it for more than it is worth. I do not want a car payement, but we may not have a choice :( BOOOO Bad timing :(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We have a name!

I am so happy! Today has been a busy day. I got a LOT done, that always makes me happy. I've had baby on my mind all day. You might think that is the norm when he is wiggling around inside you all the time, but with 4 kids and a lot to do, it is very easy to have other things on my mind. But today has been all about getting ready for baby. I sorted thru all the clothes and washed what was in the attic. Thankfully I had just moved what Elijah wore from one drawer to another and didn't have to wash all that. I have found I have very little that is not summery. I cleaned out one of the big drawers in the alcove to put the baby's clothes in. One has been storing toys for Elijah, one has had his clothes. The other has photo albums. It will be so easy to just move them over once Elijah outgrows them into new baby's drawer. Sure, they are 2.5 years apart, but these are BIG drawers, so the bottom of the drawer will work just fine :)
I also washed the carseat and put the new cover on. I put Abigail's old Bitty Baby in it to test the strap length. She's wearing what Isaac came home from the hospital in. I always buy one preemie outfit for that purpose. B/c though my babies are typically over 8 lbs, 0-3 mos still swims on them... for a week, then I've got them even fatter. Elijah was a bit confused about the funny looking baby in it...

I also picked out some items at I know... 5th baby... don't need to be registering, but it is still fun to "virtual shop" nonetheless. So that's what I did! It's good to have a list for myself.
And THEN the best of all things... David is outside reading (and smoking a cigar). I went out there and he told me to check my twitter. I figured he'd made some comment about my tweet that a frog had attacked me (it did, I'm telling you... scared the bejeebies out of me). I was on my blackberry and it was being slow, so I told him I'd have to check it inside.
Shock of all shocks... this is what it said: Baby to be named Levi Owens Sanders. Owens was the surname of Becca's ancestor who fought against King George III's tyranny in 1776.
I'm so happy! Levi is a name I have loved for a long time, but David just couldn't get beyond the jeans thing. I guess he finally did b/c lo and behold... that's the name :) We use family last names as middle names... have for all the kids. Stephen Owens is a great great, etc grandfather who fought in the Rev. War. I have his pension papers in order to join the DAR, but I haven't done it.
SO, that's it! I'm soooo happy. I love the name. There was no other name I even liked, let alone love.