Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Saturday- Abigail and I went to Fantasic Sam's for a haircut. We have a good friend who will come to our house and cut it, but I got restless. Also had Abigail's brows waxed (yes, at Fantastic Sam's... who knew?) I was getting mine trimmed when they did it and I couldn't see her. I heard her say "whoa." But that's it. Then the stylist said "are you ready for the 2nd one?" And she said she was without hesitation.
My parents and David's dad watched the first part of the game at our house that night but all had to get back home and couldn't stay for the 2nd half.

Sunday- back at church. YEY. It was soooo good to be back. He wasn't happy when we got up and everyone was getting ready b/c he thought he was staying home again. He was so excited when I told him we were going too. Only problem was trying to get Levi to go to sleep in his carrier so I could sing w/ the praise team and not worry about him. He was cooperating, but people kept wanting to see him. When he's out, lifting up the cover won't disturb him... but when he's not out yet, it does. I didn't offer to lift it, but would when people would directly ask me to. Did manage to get him asleep though. He woke up a little later in the service so we left. I was glad to get out at that pointb/c it was soooo hot in the sanctuary. I don't do hot well. That night our friend came to cut David's hair. I should have waited.

Yesterday- I went to church to work out. They have nursery on Mondays and Fridays. Elijah got to play again. He was thrilled. I had hoped Levi would fall asleep on the way there so he could just stay in his carrier... but he had other ideas. I had to walk with him in his sling. Borrowed a little umbrella stroller after he fell asleep and leaned him back on a slanted work bench while I did the weight machines.
Got some sewing done too. My skinny-mini daughter is hard to fit. I bought her some size 10 pants with an adjustable waist, but as much as she had to adjust them, it made the pants look like a very long skort! I took two inches out of the inseam all the way up to the crotch and also took 2 inches out of the waist band. I also let out all of the available hem so HOPEFULLY they will last thru next year. We'll see.
And got a little bit done on the diaper bag that I've yet to finish. It's not a quick and simple bag. Probaby shouldn't have gotten a pattern that is so involved. But it will be cute when it is finished :)

Today- Prayers. I think Levi may have a hernia. We're going to the doctor at 1. It's not a big deal if he does have one, everything I've read says it is easily fixed with a simple surgery. But it would still mean surgery if it is what I think it is :( Then straight to honor choir after that.


Jennifer said...

A good friend of mine adopted a son. He developed a hernia. It wasn't real serious, but they had to wait until he was six months old until they could do the surgery. They did have to push it back in many times during those six months, but the surgery went well and he has done great since. He is now about 16 months old.

Jennifer said...

My friend's son's was located in the groin area. If it does come to surgery, I can ask her what she did as far as not letting him eat all night. That definitely would be a concern for me!

Jill said...

I have started putting A in her sling while I'm at church...I love that thing and so does she!

Alex had to have surgery when he was a baby for a hernia. I will be praying for Levi.


Tara said...

Taylor was born at 30 weeks and had an umbilical hernia and an inguinal hernia. We were able to leave the umbilical one alone. The inguinal one was manually reduced by Dr. deMiranda and then he had the surgery at 4 mos. Took him to ACH and one of the docs there did it. Took 15 minutes! Jennifer is right....the harderst part was not letting him nurse before the surgery. But, physically he did really well, and the next day he was fine:)