Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 weeks old today

Levi cooperated again today. I am so relieved! I was able to feed him right before I needed to leave and he slept thru honor choir. I woke him up afterwards so I could weigh him. There is a Dr. scale in the weight room at church. I weighed myself (pppbbbbbth... been avoiding that) then stripped him down, held him, and weighed again. Drumroll please... ... ... ... ... 13 lbs. I knew he was big. His thighs have chunked up, he's got quite the double chin, and he fills up the infant tub we have. That puts him above the 97th percentile (10 lbs is average).
We went to Black Angus for dinner... and the whole fam ate for $16! Two kids meals (comes with a drink) can be purchased for $.99 with each purchase of a regular combo. I got a cheeseburger combo, David got a double cheeseburger combo. The ONLY time we've ever all gone somewhere to eat for less than that is when the kids shared an appetizer at McAlister's for their meal and we all drank water. We need to go to Black Angus more often :) They have more options than burgers, but when I'm not familiar with a menu, I default to a cheeseburger or it takes me too long to order. I think it will definitely become a Tuesday tradition since fixing dinner is difficult after honor choir.
This little boy has been doing this...
Not all the time, but a few times a day. I had to buy a different potty. The one I had didn't have a big enough "deflector", but bought it b/c it was attached.. built in to the seat. I hate the ones that are detachable. They just get in the way. This frog potty is perfect.

Here's Levi in his sling.
And Elijah painting (aka: making a mess)

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The Davidson Den said...

Cute potty!! I haven't seen that one.
We actually sort of skipped that step this time around. (Probably 'cause I'm lazy.) Unfortunately, it means I have to double check the cleanliness of the REAL potties in all the bathrooms. (So much for escaping work...)

And thanks for the Black Angus tip!! Might have to try that since it's such a great deal!!