Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today started out well, but it is ending as usual... totally chaotic. I'm in a quiet bonus room with Levi trying to get him to settle down. I think he absorbs the kids energy when they get home b/c when it is just Elijah and I with him... he's fine. Or it is just what he does in the evening. But BOY the past week has been rough at night.
I got some laundry done this morning then loaded up E and L to go to guitar center. I've been meaning to get Isaac a guitar so he can start lessons. I was going to get him the cheapest I could find (and it was CHEAP at $30) but decided to get one a little better. Figured I'd want one that sounded good. And maybe I'll mess around with it too. It's smaller... and that was what always held me back when I'd attempt to learn some chords on a full sized one. Elijah was actually good in the store. I didn't know how he'd behave surrounded by all that temptation. But he'd just strum the guitars gently... and stay by me.
Came home, ate lunch, put E to bed... and I sewed. As much as I could while also taking care of Levi. I got it done though and I like it. It needs monogramming though. I think I'd use it as a purse too so I don't think I'll put "Levi" on it. Maybe just an "S."
Then the kids got home and boy, it got crazy. I was trying to fix dinner too. Thankfully it was just chili dogs. David had a meeting so he's not even home yet.


Amanda said...

Very cute! Is it a purse or a diaper bag? What pattern did you use?

jensoup said...

I love would make a cute purse or purse/diaper bag look great by the way:-)
and babies all went through that from about 6weeks-10 weeks they had a fussy time from like was terrible but other wise they were super babies:-)

The Davidson Den said...

Love the bag.

What guitar did you end up getting? We've been thinking of getting Noah one...and some lessons. Maybe for Christmas.