Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today was another day at home. Didn't do much. Been really tired after only getting 5 hours of interrupted sleep. I spent more than that on my hair yesterday, but it is finally fixed. A few months after E was born, I thought I'd try to go lighter. It didn't work. My roots turned red and everything else light brown. Since then, I have attempted to fix it and failed miserably. My roots have stayed lighter than the ends no matter what I did. I highlighted it (myself, fun) right before I had L. It worked, but I needed more. I didn't want that all over solid one color obvious dye job look, but didn't want obvious highlights either. So, I did more highlights yesterday morning. Then I put "color oops" on it to remove all the dye that had built up... then put an all over brown on it... but again, my roots turned red. I don't know why that happens. I had some semi-permanant color on hand in a medium to dark brown, so I put that on my roots and brushed it thru to make it blend. Didn't know if that would work, but it did. FINALLY. Albeit in a temporary color, at least it is fixed and I know what to do. My roots are finally FINALLY a bit darker than the ends and you can barely see the highlights. Enough to not give me that solid color look. I'm happy with it. But man it took forever. I finished at midnight. I couldn't believe it. I of course had to do it when L was sleeping so I didn't just start and keep working at it til it was done.
Fell asleep on the couch while E and L were sleeping, but I'm still tired. I'd like to go to bed now but E napped for about 3 hours... and is still up. I'm praying he doesn't wake up croupy. He woke up this morning with a cough and also after his nap. After he's been up for a while, he doesn't appear sick at all... but that's what he does. It is only when he is horizontal. I have his crib slanted and the humidifier ready and am hoping we aren't on the road to another ER trip. It really stinks that there is NOTHING you can do for croup. It is a bit cooler so the night air might help if he has an attack, but I don't know if it is cold enough to really do the trick if it happens. I'm doing all I can though and we shall see! He has no fever and feels fine... full of energy. So, I'm not worried its flu.
This should be the last week we are stuck at home. The flu shot should start working end of the week and we can go to church again and also go during the day so he can play. Confusing thing though... I've read it takes 7-14 days for the shot to be effective... but then it is no longer effective at 21 days in little kids... they need a booster. So, what? It works for a week until you get the booster? He won't get that until Dec 8. I doubt I'm able to find it anywhere else any sooner. No one has had it except thru the schools.


jensoup said...

you are so right about the health care if that passes. My sis is a OR nurse and the docs told her what they'd make on a surgery if it passes and I admit they make a lot...but they have a lot to lose and livesa in there hands. They all said it wasn't worth it that they'd quit and find a new profession. so we'll be left w/the crappy docs and the few that just really love what they do(not many of them)!

The Davidson Den said...

Oh, man. I admire your bravery in doing your own hair. There was a time I dyed my hair...and every so often I'd think I could save a lot of money by doing it myself, so off I'd go to buy something at Wal-Mart. It NEVER turned out right. I've had some MAJOR blunders! I always ended up having to go in to get my mistakes fixed by a pro.