Sunday, January 31, 2010


I knew I'd closed the door to Levi when I went downstairs. It was open when I came back up here. I found this guy on the bed. I guess Abigail got Elijah and put him back in bed. Levi didn't wake up.
The first week back went well- and thankfully was a 4 day week due to the ice we received. I've been trying to feed Levi at 8:30am before leaving but he's not really hungry yet. Tomorrow I won't unless he actually IS hungry. I didn't feed him before going to church this morning and he didn't get hungry til 10. He eats during the night. Not real sure when bc I don't have a clock in this bonus room. Have my blackberry but the light wakes me up if I look at it. I prefer to go right back to sleep :). One of the benefits of co-sleeping and breastfeeding- you don't really wake up to feed.
Did I mention E is in a toddler bed? It is in Abigail's room. Levi and I will go back to the Master at some point but David goes to bed so much later. Levi is not a hard sleeper. You'd think he would be with 4 loud siblings.
I have so much going on- coming up with a post should be easy. I forget the things that cross my mind to blog about though. I think I should just copy and paste my tweets since I'm twittering so much- blogging is a bit harder on my blackberry... Which is about all I use these days.
Campaign is going well. David has something he has to do to just about every evening. He is usually home when the kids go to bed thank goodness bc I sometimes get stuck with Levi.
I am grateful my mom is coming to watch E and L more than ever. With David being gone so much she is even a bigger help than I'd expected. It is really hard to get everything done that needs doing now that I'm back at work. It was hard before but now I've lost a few hrs in my day. She does the cooking on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Boring post all typed out on my blackberry while Levi sleeps soundly next to me :)
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jensoup said...

Mykids all loved the Avent bottles when they needed a bottle!
ps...your mom can come live at my house anytime :-)