Friday, January 29, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

My first week back went well and had the added bonus of being a short week. My mom went home yesterday (after making enchilladas for us- they were WONDERFUL) due to the expected ice. I didn't figure we'd have school and if we did- the littlest ones could have gone to church. It wasn't bad this morning- but it is bad now!
Levi seems to be waiting for me before he eats much. He'll take a bottle but not much from it. Its allowing me to stockpile the milk. I pump more than he takes and still have plenty to feed him when I get home.
I made the chicken pot pie a friend made for me after I had Elijah. I got the recipe years ago but lost it. Found it when I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets. I don't like pot pie but LOVED this one. It is in a pan from my childhood. My mom got it 41 years ago from my dad's sister! She didn't want it anymore. Also made bread- gonna take a loaf to my neighbor in a second. And spinach salad with lemon poppyseed dressing. My friend made a spinach/strawberry salad with the chicken pot pie. I LOVED the dressing and had never tasted anything like it.
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Jill said...

The bread was wonderful! Thank you!

CP said...

That pot pie looks good!

The Davidson Den said...

Yum!!!! to the whole thing!