Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny How God Works

December was a crazy month. You didn't hear a whole lot from me b/c I really didn't know what was going on. The direction we thought we were going changed, often. I thought we were going to be on the crazy road of a US Senate campaign. One week later, we find out Mr. Reed has to drop out due to health problems. It was a shock. But I didn't for once think that David becoming his campaign manager was the wrong decision. There were too many things that happened to indicate it was right- not the least of which was the change that took place in me. I went from "HECK NO!! I can't be left alone with 5 kids while you run a campaign!" to being totally on board and excited about it.
So when it was over, I still didn't think it was the wrong decision, I just thought there was something else David was supposed to do. I have thought since the day I met him that he would run for office. I think anyone who knows him thought the same thing. You'd think he made friends with the world b/c he would one day need their vote (and their contribution!) but nope! That is just how he is. He had gone down the journalism road and thought he'd stay on it. He quit all of it for the campaign and couldn't return. So that forced him to decide what road he wanted to be on. The journalism side that helps form opinions (when there aren't many conservatives doing that) or the governing side that represents those opinions.
So here we are. He's on the governing road. I wanted to post before he announced but that didn't happen. Here is a link to the speech he gave at the capitol. You can see all the kids are with him at the beginning, but Elijah quickly runs off to join David's parents on the side. Abigail goes back and forth a bit to check on him. Isaac is up there most of the time, but he's short and gets lost behind the podium. He almost interrupted David b/c he wanted to speak too. He wanted to share the speech he wrote in school on immigration. Noah is thrilled about it all and would like to run himself. And Levi stayed happy. Can't ask for more than that! I thought Levi would sleep and was worried when he woke up b/c I knew it was close to feeding time.
I linked to his campaign site before. Right now there isn't much there, but there will be more later. If you are in our district, vote for him in the primary on May 18 :) And if you can contribute, you can do that at his site.

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jensoup said...

how true Becca-the dayI met David I thought some day this guy will be president:-)