Saturday, January 2, 2010


Recognize the fabric? Same as the diaper bag. I ordered a lot bc I was going to cover his carseat- but then found a cover I liked at TJMaxx. Did a patchwork bc it wasn't long enough. It is made of 4 checkerboard squares in the toille/stripe and one piece of the bubble print all the way across the top. I sewed ribbon across the bottom. Will do the same on the sides if I ever remember to buy more.
I mounted two bars of hooks on the wallspace and 3 individual hooks on each door. I also got another shoe rack to stack on the one I already had. Finally a place for everything! Coats don't fit in their lockers with their backpacks... and we don't keep shoes in our rooms bc we are all barefoot until we walk out the door :)
Did that yesterday. Today I *started* working on the old playroom. It will be a guest bedroom. I'd moved most of the toys to the bonus room but not all. Working thru the rest. I moved my sewing stuff to the closet. Need to get a chest of drawers like the one I bought for toys for sewing stuff. They have one that isn't as wide that should fit. Got the mattresses that have been a poor excuse for a bed stowed under upstairs beds. Will be getting a Serta futon- hopefully tomorrow. Have to wait for friend with truck :) THEN I will tackle the office.
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Jill said...

You're getting a lot done over there!!

The Davidson Den said...

Lots upon lots of reorganizing going on, huh?? Me, too.