Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad :(

I was not able to make my next appointment yesterday so had to call in today. Since I'm going weekly, I wanted to make the rest of them. I made one for next Monday... but for the next Monday I was told Dr. B would be out of town and "who would you like to see?" Uhm, I don't want to see anyone, and that is what I told her. After "uhming" for a bit, I said, "is it possible for me to see him before he goes and then not again until the induction?" So, that's what I'm doing. I'll go Oct 1 and then see him Oct 13! I hope anyway. He could always tell me on Oct 1 that I've got to see someone else, but unless there is a problem, I don't care to know how dilated/effaced I am. I know it really doesn't mean a thing.
The only 'good' thing I see in this is me not wanting labor to begin every single day the week leading up to it. Not that what I WANT to happen has any effect whatsoever on what WILL happen, but I'll be less anxious.
I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row. I got a bit more of the 'stuff' out of the way. Still have a lot of music to cram in my students.
The elementary choir is going well. I took them to the raquetball court today and had them sing in there. The choir room is full of sound-absorbing materials so it is tough to really hear them... and they certainly don't know how good they sound. But in the raquetball court with all that reverb... it was great :) They sounded like 50 voices instead of 20 :) Right now they are singing in 2 parts, but I hope to add the 3rd part next week. I didn't think I'd miss but one week, and it just so happens that parent teacher conferences are Oct 20... we would not have me that day anyway. But now of course I am missing Oct 13. They'll be ready for Christmas though... they are learning fast :) I'm having them learn solfege too, so it is all pretty new to them. But they are doing very well.
And it is funny to see Noah as a teacher rather than a mom. I know how he is, so it isn't really surprising, but it is still funny. He tries so hard to do his best, it is adorable. Abigail isn't quite the same. I'd say she is pretty normal. I have to get onto her for talking and tell her to pay attention at times, but Noah sits up straight and soaks everything in. He'll tell ME if I need to move him b/c others are distracting him and causing him to talk. ha!

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