Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Let's see...
Had a great day at church Sunday. Sunday night Bro. Jim was preaching about Revelation and the power went out. The backlight on the cross in the baptistry came back on first, then the rest of the lights in the sanctuary. Bro. Jim said "well, we're all here." HA! It was so funny.
Tuesday was Noah's first football game with LifeChamps. Not only did they win their game, Noah caught the winning TD pass in the end zone. I loved watching him play, but getting to the field was beyond a pain. I had to park up a hill in a residential area, then maneuver the cheap umbrella stroller over rocks, curbs, boulders, grass... and downhill. THAT wasn't so bad. And even though I had David help me get Elijah back to the car (he's the coach, he got there early with Noah and parked elsewhere), getting myself back up that hill was not fun. My hips felt like they were about to collapse. I had on the shoes I always wear, they have about a 2" heel... and are normally very comfortable.... but walking up hill in them was horrible.
Got home and cleaned out the garage a bit. Our dumpster was delivered yesterday and we only get it til Friday morning, so I had to do a little. Then came in and cleaned the kitchen. I didn't sit all day long (except for when sitting in the grass watching Noah play). I was in some serious pain last night.
TODAY, being Wednesday... was long. I don't come home on Wednesdays. I left at 8:30, took Elijah to Preschool... and let me just interject here how good he is doing. I am so thankful he enjoys it. The first week I had to hold him for a while til he was ready to get down and play, which was just fine with me. But now, he runs into school saying "play! play!" He's practically dancing when he gets in the room. He stays for nap Mon-Wed b/c I have Jr. High Choir that gets out 5 min after the morning session ends... SO I don't pick him up til 2:30 or so. I had time to kill today after getting work done at school so I went to KMart. Got some toys to pack in my hospital bag for Elijah. Who knows when Levi will come, but if it is in the afternoon Elijah may spend some time at the hospital waiting with everyone else. Even if he isn't there then, he'll come visit and I want to have something new for him to play with. Abigail wants to make a banner for Levi, so I'll pack some stuff for them to work on that.
I'm thinking about letting Abigail miss school when Levi is born if I'm induced. She asked today and I thought it might be neat for her. She is such a huge help to us, I figure she deserves a perk... and I'd like to have her there.
I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'm going to give him my 'birth plan' and hopefully discuss induction. I *really* want my doctor. I felt so great after Elijah was born and think he had everything to do with it. I figure he'll be willing to induce a week early, which would be Oct 14. And since I think they have my due date later than it really should be (and I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead), I could still go into labor on my own before that... and in that case I'll just have to hope my doc is on call. If this were my first, I wouldn't be so gung-ho about inducing... but being my 5th and all (and having had 2 induced early and 2 coming on their own early), I'm ok with it.
SO we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

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Alex and Jill said...

You are always on the go...I don't see how you do it. :) I think it's a great idea to let Abigail take off from school and I can't believe how close you are to having Levi!! So exciting. :)