Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, E got bad again and was at Children's from about 9-12:30 last night. I probably would have waited til morning under normal circumstances, but not knowing what was causing the croup and having little to no understanding of flu symptoms (I've never had it, only time kids have had it was Abigail and Noah right after I had Isaac and I stayed away), I got worried more than usual. It was so strange that he got better and then got worse. But, I suppose an ear infection can cause that... which he has. He got a steroid shot last night and slept peacefully all night long. This morning he woke up a bear (typical with steroids... and lack of sleep) and would not let me get away. I thought the mudder was coming at 7:30 this morning. He still isn't here and under normal circumstances that would have caused for one stressful morning b/c I would have been going to school. I couldn't get a hold of him to find out what was going on... and need to go to Walgreen's to get Elijah's antibiotic. E is sleeping peacefully, finally. For the first hour and a half after he woke up (but still wanted to sleep), he wasn't really asleep, just resting all over me and if I dared try to move an inch, he'd get upset. I don't ever post pictures of my belly, but I'm making an exception b/c this is how E INSISTED on laying. He had to be on my bare belly OR ELSE!

He finally got good and 'out' and I was able to move. This is a much sweeter picture :)

And he is still asleep thankfully.

Mudder finally called and said it would be noon. So at least I can go get that antibiotic. I know they have unpredictable things come up on various jobs... but it is so dang annoying to not know what is going on.

Now the question is: to let E sleep or to put E in car and hope he goes back to sleep once there? He needs to get started on that antibiotic in order to feel better :(


jensoup said...

ohhh poor E ,so sorry to stinks to have to see your baby sick:-( and I LOVE that belly pic-it is soooo cute. I always wanted one w/M &C kissing my belly or w/heads on it,but never got any-I hardly had a belly when T came:-( That would make a beautiful black and white!

Robert/Karen said...

Poor baby...he looks so pale! I hope he feels better soon and that you can get some rest too :)

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

So sorry about E.
The flannel wipes I made did CRAAAZY things when I washed them, but my Bumgenius wipes stay fairly straight. They usually just fold in half at a weird angle.
About the Flip and Econos: Yes! I was even going to blog about them soon. I'm so excited to try them!! I HATE having to wait until the end of Oct. though.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Oh, and I just want to thank you for titling your previous post the way you did, because as I was scrolling down, I saw the title before I got to the picture. And that's where I stopped! I may have to skip that post. Sorry. :)