Monday, September 28, 2009

Fingerpainting/room update

Abigail wanted to fingerpaint with Elijah. Found a kit at Target last night for $5. They started out pretty tame.

Isaac and Elijah gradually got messier...

I don't think Noah ever got any beyond his fingertip...

He and Abigail made me a Happy Birthday picture (I'm 36 today).

Elijah looking at his hands and saying "bleh."

But then he realized 'bleh' could be fun.

I've been doing a lot of work on the bonus room. My mom and step-dad came down Saturday to help paint. We were supposed to get the trim done Sunday but David came down with a stomach thing. We're pretty sure it is food poisoning. Doesn't make sense for him to get a stomach bug first. If we get them, it is normally after one of the kids got it. He thinks he got a hold of some bad sushi. He's still not all better.
I've been proud of myself though :) I had to make doors to the storage areas on either side of the front part of the room. I had them cut access to the areas under the roof line. I wasn't real sure how I was going to make doors, but I did it :) I cut out pieces of MDF and attached hinges. Today I cut trim pieces and started to attach them but I'm not a big fan of the hammer and nail. I'm going to get some small screws and finish attaching the trim. The nails are making me mad b/c they keep bending... and it just takes too long. Then I have to cut doors to the HVAC unit area...will just screw 1/2 inch MDF where the drywall would be and paint it... and the attic access. That one took me the longest to figure out what to do. I was going to attach trim and let the door rest on the trim, but I don't think that would be sturdy enough so I got brackets. I can go back and add trim later but I'm not going to right now. I'm ready for the room to be done! David will have to help me with the other doors... I'll have to cut them out of a big 4'x8' piece of MDF... I can't maneuver that much on my own that's for sure. Then I have to do the baseboards... and then someone else will do the carpet. Maybe David, but not sure he'll have time, so may have to hire someone. THEN just have to move in our measly furnishings. It won't be a very cute room for a while. Not until we can buy furniture for it. I'd like to get two chocolate colored couches. I looked at sectionals, but I'd rather have 2 couches. Doesn't seem like you really gain seating with a sectional, and you are limited in where you can put it. Until then... I'll have 2 denim This End Up chairs, a green plaid chair that was my grandmothers, and Noah's inflatable razorback chair. Stylish, huh? And we'll have a bed in the funky angled ceiling area... and of course a TV :)
Levi is coming in 2 weeks! I broke down and cried last night... was feeling a bit stressed with everything there is to do. But its ok, I know it is the pregnancy hormones. It isn't like me to cry just b/c I have a lot on my plate. Wish the rest of my house didn't have to fall apart just b/c I'm working on the bonus room... but such is life!
Oh, and if you haven't done so already... you need to get a starbucks card so you can sign up for the rewards program and get a free beverage on your birthday. My mom got me a card for my birthday, I signed up this morning, and I got a free venti pumpkin spice latte this afternoon! And it was oooh soooo good!
NOW I'm going to bed.


Brandy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Brian and Rachel said...

Just wanted you to know that I am very impressed with all your hard work! It's been fun to read about your adventures creating doors and such! Hang in there these next two weeks!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! Looking forward to Levi!

Alex and Jill said...

I can't believe how much work YOU are doing on the bonus rock!!

I have something for Levi...I'll bring it over soon. :)