Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few more covers

I ordered a few more covers. I'm not real sure the blueberry coveralls will work on a newborn. They'll be great a bit later since they are so adjustable, but I thought I needed a few more that will work on a newborn... and be easy enough for Dad. I have 4 of the plain jane dappi kind, but thought I might need some velcro.
SO I got some of the Thirsties duo wraps. They are adjustable, just not AS adjustable. These are size 1 and fit from 6-18 lbs. Size 3 fits 18-40. Pictured above are the different settings. They have snaps to adjust the rise... the velcro tabs adjust the waist. I put an infant prefold in one of them so those who don't know how they work can see just how easy it is :)
I also ordered another dozen of the "seconds" from little-lions.com. I couldn't see a thing wrong with the first batch I got and since they are drastically less than any other site, I wanted to snatch up some more. So now I have 2 dozen in the infant size and 2 dozen in the regular size. Both sizes have 6 layers in the middle as opposed to 8 (which is common in the infant size, not to mention more expensive). I had the infant size with 8 layers in the middle with Elijah and didn't like them b/c they took too long to dry. I'd rather use a doubler for extra absorbancy than a thicker prefold.
I didn't use cloth on Elijah til he was a couple weeks old. I was a little scared to get started :) I also didn't want to invest in itty bitty diapers when my babies typically gain quickly. Both Noah and Elijah were 12 lbs at 4 weeks. Isaac and Abigail weren't THAT big, but they were still in the 75th and above percentiles. This time though, I'll use cloth from the start, except for whatever I come home from the hospital with. Some take cloth to the hospital... I may pack a few but I don't want to come home with a bunch of laundry. I just think cloth diapers are so dang cute, it is tempting. It *is* easier to tell when they are wet and for the nurses who bug the heck out of me about how often they peed (which I *do* understand and it *is* important, but i've also nursed 4 babies who ALL gained a full pound their first week of life, I know what I'm doing!) it could be a plus to use cloth. Not real sure I want that meconium on my diapers either!
Abigail had to leave school after recess. She had a fever. Elijah had a fever Friday night. Nothing ever developed more than the fever, so I never worried it was H1N1. I imagine Abigail has the same bug. So far I'm just fine. She'll be home tomorrow since she had fever today, but if she is like Elijah, she'll be better. We shall see.


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I didn't take cloth to the hospital either. You're right. Meconium would stain those gorgeous brand-new diapers in no time flat! AND who wants to lug stinky laundry back home?

Also, when I had Atticus, one of the first questions my postpartum nurse asked me was something about was this my first baby. When I told her I had three at home and had nursed them all many, many, many months, she finally left me alone. She totally stopped asking me questions and actually hardly ever came in the room! It's really annoying putting up with the questions sometimes, because they always come across so condescending for some reason.

Ha! That reminds me. When I had Saylor, the lactation consultant came around to check on me and asked me if this was my first, and if not, had I ever nursed before, yada yada. I told her I nursed Noah 21 months, and she looked at me and said, "Well, you've had more experience than I have then!" Isn't that sad?

jensoup said...

I never really looked at them in terms of his growth ,but yes your right he looks very similar. Crazy b/c "they" say all preemies look alike and usually there features change.
I know when your pregnant its hard to invesion that the baby really looks like a real baby and is just living in there(swimming around,sucking its thumb,ect)...its crazy to imagine that.