Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our walls are up :) I hope they come mud SOON. I really want to get busy painting. I think we're going to paint it a light turquoise color. I want something bright and fun, but not girlie. Didn't want green b/c they kid's rooms are cucumber. I was also considering a melon color, but I think furniture would look better with turquoise. I painted some sample boards and will be ready to go once we have mud. Then we'll hire someone to install the carpet and do the trim ourselves. I'd rather buy a table saw with the money we'd spend hiring someone. I've always wanted one.

I'm happy with the job they did. I knew all those angles would be a mess. Just wasn't happy with the horrible red clay footprints they left all over my stairs and hall. They were downstairs too, but on the wood floors. Hard to imagine how someone has enough clay to track it all up the driveway, sidewalk, downstairs, upstairs and again when they came downstairs! There are two red footprints per step :(

We had to insulate the ceiling before the drywall could be put up. That was not fun. David did the hanging for the most part, I did the cutting. I had to hang a little, but not much. That stuff is a mess!

Elijah had a short-lived fever bug last weekend. Today he got croupy after church. It was odd how fast it came on. But he's doing better now. I'm sure it will get worse tonight though. David drove him to the hospital this afternoon, but his breathing improved by the time they got there so they didn't go in. He's not doing great, but he isn't laboring to breathe. REALLY stinks how often toddlers get sick!

(((Later... )))this is how he is sleeping:

Staying elevated is half the battle with croup. If he gets horizontal, it's awful. I wasn't sure he'd fit in this thing, but thought if he would... it'd be perfect. He went right out. I've got a cool mist humidifier next to him. (obviously I'll wash it before putting Levi in it :)


Caroline said...

I can't WAIT to see how that room turns out!

Alex and Jill said...

The room is really coming along! You need to call that company and have them pay for your carpet to be cleaned...they should know better than to leave your floors that way.

Bless E's heart. I read on facebook that he wasn't feeling well. I've been praying. That pic of him asleep is precious.

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Found your blog on Kelly's Korner and love it! Your little one is adorable!