Monday, September 14, 2009

If you don't like spiders...

then you probably don't want to double click on this picture:

but if you are somewhat fascinated by them (as I am), then click away :)
Of course, if this guy were in my house, he'd be squooshed. I hate bugs in my house. Especially roaches... and I wouldn't take a picture of a roach no matter where it was. They are just gross. Spiders... I don't know. I like to watch them. So when I saw this guy on the side of the house, I had to take his picture. He was wrapping up his dinner.

Elijah felt good all day, no fever. He got a bit croupy during his nap (though I elevated the top legs of his crib, it's not enough). Other than that, you wouldn't know anything was wrong. No stuffy nose or anything. Hopefully tonight will go well and he can go to school tomorrow. He's been down for an hour and a half... so far so good.

I forgot to share a sweet moment. David and I have been singing with the worship team for a few years. The kids sit on the 2nd row while we are on the platform. During prayer time Sunday, Bro. Jim asked anyone who wanted to kneel down front and pray to feel free to do so. A handful did... Noah being one of them. I don't know when he went down, I didn't see him, just noticed him kneeling on the steps after a while. I asked him after church what prompted him to go down front and he said "I just wanted to pray." So sweet. Of course, when I saw my little 9 year old there, I got all teary eyed which makes it a bit tough to sing!

Oh, and the mudder came today! He'll have to come back tomorrow and maybe the next day too for the various coats, but YEY for keeping it going :) Elijah wanted to give him something every time he walked by. Thankfully he had a 2 year old of his own and was very nice about it.

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