Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Worn Out

Not gonna lie, I am. Totally. I normally get really tired around 3 if I'm still. If I'm on the go, I don't notice it as much. I'm not usually worn out at 8:30 (and I was worn out at 7). Today was a crazy day... or well, afternoon. I came home after high school for an hour before going to church to teach the elem. honor choir. Once I got there... I found out cheer pictures were today at 4:30 at the high school. I had just hung up Abigail's cheer uniform when I had gone home, but it wasn't enough to prompt my memory that she had pictures. It was totally out of my brain. I got an email about it a while ago, but it didn't make it into permanent storage. So, I sent Abigail up to David's office to ask him to go home and get it. Thankfully he was able to or she would not have been in the picture. Obviously I couldn't leave. Went onto choir and took the kids into the raquetball court to sing. I had told parents they could come hear them at the end of class if they'd like. So at 4pm when some parents showed up, I was thinking that's why... but no, they were there to take the cheer girls to pictures. We went back to the choir room and played a rhythm game and any parent who actually wanted to hear them, missed out. Choir ends at 4:15 so we went to the car to wait for David. She got dressed in the car and I took her to the high school. She made it thank goodness. Then I had to go back toward church and get Elijah... and then BACK to the high school to get Abigail. I was thinking I'd go home and feed the kids (except Noah) and then go to Noah's game. But nope, it was value menu once again. Ugh. Got to Noah's game a little late and thankfully found a parking spot that allowed me to watch from the car. I was having some pretty serious pains when I'd walk and didn't see how I could make it thru a game with Elijah. He watched a DVD and I tried to watch the game, but was also dealing with Abigail and Isaac... so I missed a lot. They did not win :( Noah made a great catch and ran about 15 yards though.
Got a note from Elijah's preschool saying H1N1 is running rampant thru the 2 year old classes :( That's not good. Wish Elijah didn't have to go, but I still have to go to work.

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Alex and Jill said...

You are one busy mama...I don't see how you do it. I hurt all day yesterday too...ended up in L&D until 2am. Thankfully, all is well now.

Will E stay home with you and Levi, once he arrives? I can't remember if had mentioned that before.