Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look! I blogged!

I know I'm going to regret using facebook and twitter to project my random thoughts. I know I will be grateful for the years that I faithfully blogged about the goings on of our crazy life. I know I will enjoy looking back when these kiddos are all grown.
Knowing that isn't helping me keep up with blogging. I get so far behind that I don't even know where to begin a post. How do I pick ONE thing to blog about when so very much has happened. I used to blog almost daily, so it was easy. Now I can't seem to blog even weekly.
So I end up blogging "all is well" which is rather pointless. In the great big picture, not much has changed. I'm still a happily married mom of five who teaches choir part time. But so much has changed in the small picture.
Most notably: the election. David won his race praise the Lord! I'm so excited for him. I knew he belonged in politics and I am SO grateful for the events that took place that allowed him to run. To think if Stanley Reed wouldn't have dropped out, we'd be packing up to move to DC... its nuts. I am glad THAT part of this political run didn't happen. But to think if Stanley Reed would have never entered the race, David wouldn't have quit his journalism job and though he would have enjoyed writing about everything that has taken place, I know he would have been kicking himself for not being a part of it.
So, now I am a happily married political wife and mother of five who teaches choir part time. Not so bad really, since he is a state rep. I'm sure it will change if he seeks higher office though. But so far, so good. He had a good opponent. There was no mud-slinging. I pray future races remain the same.
MY job has changed somewhat. My students are outstanding. I have always loved my job, but years ago... I never thought I'd have a choir of this calibre. I passed out music yesterday that when I first started teaching at AB would have taken me MONTHS to get them to sing... the notes. Forget tone. Never could get them to do that right now matter how hard I tried. They sight read it and their tone was beautiful. Love love love love love my job and my students. If only they didn't have to graduate!
HOME is crazy. Kids are busy, we are busy, they are messy... which is frustrating, but it is fun. Well, the cleaning isn't... and when Levi is fussy and Elijah is fussy... and Isaac is refusing to stay on task with homework... and the boys are fighting... but really, it is still all wonderful believe it or not! Levi is 13 months TODAY. He's a happy baby, not walking cuz what's the point? He is carried all the time. Elijah is cracking us up all the time. Oh how I LOVE 3-4 year olds. It is funny... Abigail means "father's joy," Noah means "peace," Isaac "laughter" Elijah "my god is God" and Levi "attached." Abigail is her father's joy, Noah is calm and quiet (as compared to the rest of the Sanders brood), Isaac is hysterical, and Levi is very attached. Elijah's name isn't a characteristic, but a truth :)

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Jill said...

I love it when you blog, but I know how hard it is to actually keep up with it. And I don't have 5 kiddos - I only have 1! I love what their names mean and I think it's funny how the meaning of names always fit the child perfectly. :) Isaac is truly a hoot! He was just riding his bike down the street barefoot, but had a jacket on! LOL I love your kids. You guys are doing an awesome job. Any pointers you have are welcome. :)