Friday, February 25, 2011


It has been weeks since I've posted anything other than pictures. I was hoping to do better this year! When this much time passes, I can't ever think of what to write about. Blogging every day, I know what to write about. That day. Every few weeks? I have no idea.
Isaac turned 9 yesterday. He is having a few friends spend the night tonight at a hotel with David. I was thrilled that's what he wanted to do. I'll be taking pizza and a cookie cake over, but that's all I have to do. They'll swim after that and I bought a new game that looked like fun.
We have CPA next week. I'd hoped to sing Clausen's "Prayer" but with all the school missed from snow and the extra week I missed with stomach bugs... it won't be happening. I pulled two songs from last semester and found a fairly easy up tempo piece to do. We only have to do 2 b/c of the snow but will still have to do three at state... so I really want to do 3 at region in order to get comments from the judges that will help prepare for state. They are sounding great. My mom came to hear them yesterday and she thought they were as great as I do. But she knows what she's talking about... I thought I might just be biased :) I'm so proud of them.
I'm ready for the session to be over. I'm really tired of David not being around. I knew it would be like this, but that doesn't make 'those days' any easier to deal with. My mom has been coming to give me some relief thank goodness or I do believe I'd have a nervous breakdown. She normally keeps Levi when here, but yesterday I took him to Ramona at church as usual and she worked on some things here at home. Like the garage... and the bonus room. Major help there. It is so hard to get anything done... blogging including.
And kids are now screaming so I must go :) But hey, I got SOMETHING typed!

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