Monday, May 9, 2011

The piece of foam on the left has been up Levi's nose for a month or so. I'm not sure when it went up. I remember him tearing up one of those foam paint brushes... but I don't remember how long ago that was. I thought he had a raisin in his nose. Took him to his regular doc (the awesome Dr. Gray) who sent us to an ENT b/c it was so far up. Thankfully, David was able to take him there and I didn't have to miss my last day with all my choir kids before the spring concert... or endure holding him down as it was taken out. He had some numbing spray put in his nose first... so at least it didn't hurt.
We have now added the piece of foam to the jar containing the french fry and the fusion bead that went up Noah and Elijah's noses... only difference is they were 3 and never put anything else up their nose after that. Levi is 19 months. Not real sure he'll learn not to do it again... we'll see.

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