Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Bathroom pics coming soon...

I want to paint just about every room in this house. I love the Rainwashed color we used when we painted the kitchen/family room/hall a few years ago. If we were to ever move, I would use that color again. This blog post has some great pictures of it:
The kitchen was red (family room and hall were a light yellow). Sherwin Williams Red Bay to be exact. It's a great red. But I was tired of it. The bathroom was also red. I have always wanted a gray bathroom. Not my house... but this is Red Bay.

I started painting the downstairs bath a few weeks ago. . I'd gotten a free quart from Glidden years ago but haven't had time to attempt to paint. Things are finally starting to calm down a bit so I thought I'd give it a shot. I hated the color. It was supposed to be dark gray, but it looked almost navy blue for some reason. My mom painted her bathroom a lighter gray and had some paint leftover so I tried that. Love it. Got it done quickly with Abigail's help. Still have to hang the cabinet. Will post a pic once that is done.
The dining room is still red. We were able to choose 4 colors when we built and they were Red Bay, Relaxed Khaki (our room, office, downstairs bedroom, upstairs hall), Cucumber (kids rooms)... and I don't remember the light yellow I had in the family room/hall and still have in the kids bathroom.
I want to paint the dining room a color like this:
Our floors are dark wood like in the pic. I also like this:

SW Tea Light
Then the office and back bedroom... and then upstairs. Maybe in 5 years I can have it all done and I'll be ready to start again...

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