Monday, March 22, 2010

Levi's 4 month check up

... That he went to at 5 months :) I took him last Wednesday, but haven't had a chance to post. Things have been crazy as usual.
Levi is doing great. He weighs 17.5 lbs. He was 26.something inches long- I don't remember exactly but I think I have it written down- somewhere. Dr G asked if he was rolling over- I suppose from the look on my face he went on to say 'does he spend much time on the floor?'. I told him it wasn't the safest place for him. I love my doc (he has 6 kids)- he said 'believe me I understand' and told me not to worry about it. Levi has since, rolled over twice. Once with Abigail and once when in the upstairs hallway while I was doing laundry. He doesn't get much opportunity.
And he got two shots. He screamed when they went in but the second I picked him up he went back to flirting with the nurses and giggling away.
That's it. I was expecting the usual 'you can give cereal' bit but either he left that out bc he knows Levi is #5 or he remembered I don't give anything but breastmilk for the first year. He didn't have a problem with it with Elijah. I went to the same clinic with Isaac, but saw a different doc. That one didn't have a problem with it either- he just thought Isaac might develop 'food aversions' (he didn't). Dr G just says 'you're obviously doing a great job' (think he is referring to the fatness-E was fat too).
Nutritionally- there is nothing better. Levi absorbs the nutrients in breastmilk. While rice cereal may have nutrients listed on the side of the box- that doesn't mean Levi is able to break down all the foods and absorb those nutrients. Ever notice how baby poop tends to look like carrots when the baby ate carrots (or peas or beans- whatever)? They aren't breaking it down. Also- I spend about 45 min a day nursing L. If I bothered with baby food- I'd spend that much time cleaning up the mess. And It is free- except for all the extra food *I* eat to make up for it! Which brings me to the next benefit... Weight loss. I'm not losing fast, but I am steadily losing. And that 'food aversion' thing? Neither Isaac nor Elijah had any problem diving into table food when I gave it to them at a year. Babies will eat ANYTHING you let them. Car keys, paper, cell phone... And the final reason- this way just makes sense to me. Before those little jars, moms did not rush to add anything to babies diets besides breastmilk. That's a new thing. I see no reason to rush. I know it sounds crazy to most, and I'm ok with that :)
You can see the adorable picture I posted earlier. This post will have to stay bare :(
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The Davidson Den said...

The floor's "not the safest place for him?" Why ever not?! (averting eyes and coughing under breath...)