Sunday, March 14, 2010

Such a bad blogger...

I understand when people say they don't have time to blog, view facebook, or any other computery thing. When I had a laptop, it was easy as can be. My laptop only recently died, but it stopped being an actual "laptop" long ago due to the tape holding the screen and keyboard together...and the power cord in.
Now I either use my blackberry (which takes forever, but can be done with baby in lap) or the desktop (which works again, but is SLOW).
I took my choirs to Choral Performance Assessment last Thursday. They did GREAT. Straight 'ones' which doesn't mean anything to most people :) Every judge awarded them a division I "superior" rating. They performed 2 songs "Esto Les Digo" and "Praise His Holy Name." They also sight read (and got a superior rating after the first attempt... they could have done it again). Here is the story in the AB newsletter: ABHS Choir
Saturday was Abigail's birthday party. I have pictures and will HOPEFULLY get those up this week. We had it at Bath Junkie. GREAT place to have a party. On the expensive side, so we had to limit the number of guests to just those in her class. Savvy Kids showed up... I should be able to link to whatever they print when the next edition is out.
Saturday night we had a campaign event at Lake Norrell. I got out there just fine... you drive til the road ends and turn right. Of course, that's not the case on the way back and it was DARK. Pitch black out in the country dark. I missed a turn and didn't know I was lost til I was way out of the way. Thankfully, no child was crying. I left before David and he beat me home by a long shot. I hate my lack of a sense of direction. I really need a compass in my car. Then at least I'd get a clue that I was lost when I saw that I was headed in the WRONG direction.
This week is Missions Week at school. I don't have a lot to do (the 7th/8th graders test while the high schoolers are all out doing missions... I'm giving the test), so I plan to get things done for the Junior/Senior Banquet (prom, but we also have a sit-down dinner). Today I figured out the parts to the a cappella arrangement we'll be doing (I HOPE) of "I'm Yours." They sing the guitar part, which doesn't sound so difficult... until you isolate the parts. It's hard to play them one at a time. It would of course be harder for ME to play them all at once b/c I DON'T PLAY, but the rhythm would make more sense.
And now, Levi demands my attention. Pictures SOON! (found my camera... yey)

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