Thursday, August 26, 2010

And then...

Woke up late to start the day off perfectly wrong. Elijah didn't want to get dressed. Isaac couldn't find his belt. David thought Isaac should just stay home and me take him late when he finds his belt so he sent him in and was pulling out... making me run out in my PJs with Isaac . It was a FUN morning.
And then... I'm cleaning. Thursday is the day I go to school late b/c of chapel. I have an extra hour in the morning and I was putting it to good use. Until I saw the block I'd put in Elijah's backpack last night. He's been learning about the letter A. Today in circle time they were going to share a toy that started with the letter A. Elijah wanted to take the peek-a-block for the letter A. It has an airplane inside. It was on the counter. Emailed his teacher to see when circle time was... 9:45. Yey. I got to go to church earlier than usual.
And then... I needed gas. Levi was asleep in the car and I didn't need to drop him off at church until 10:45. I was below empty and drove to the gas station. Didn't have purse. I always leave it in the car (in the garage). Forgot E found candy in it and was throwing a fit last night... I brought it in to give him a little. I had no gas. None. David thought I'd be able to make it back to school (and BTW- he'd already apologized for making a mountain out of a molehill about the belt... which I'd found and taken with the block...). Back to school, got David's debit card... and got gas. And then BACK to the elementary to take Levi.
To school I go... and debate whether we should accept the invitation to sing at Meet the Eagles Tuesday. I was also typing a letter to send home to parents after the first Honor Choir rehearsal. I had a lot to do... but still met David at Caper's for lunch. I don't get to lunch often and didn't want to miss it. I can only go every other Thursday (which is every other Thursday more often than I've been able to go in oh... 3 or 4 years?) Back to school for 6th period. Got song worked out for Meet the Eagles... if only sound wasn't an issue...
And then in car to go to Elem for honor choir. Missing part of pump. GREAT. Haven't fed a baby since about 8 am and it is now 2. I hoped and prayed Levi was awake at church and I could feed him before choir. Praise the Lord he was. But I had 20 minutes to feed him, cut out 27 names, assign seats in choir, get the snack out of David's office... yeah. L had just woken up so he was hungry and ate quickly. Thank goodness... but had to pass the poor guy right back :( He didn't like that too much. He was ready to stay with mom.
And then... Elijah's teacher didn't get the email that he was supposed to go to extended care. So, after he waited for me in the car line, they took him to David's office. So then he was REALLY wanting me and David thought it would be wise to let him come see me while I was in charge of 27 3rd-6th graders. So then he throws a fit when he had to leave.
Then I teach honor choir. I hear my phone receiving messages from David which I ignored b/c I was teaching. They were letting me know that Elijah had pooped his pants. Yee haw! One more thing. David dealt with the bulk of the mess and then he simmered in the rest of it until I got home...
Abigail had a party after honor choir so we drove around for an hour before coming home.
It was a fun day.

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Amanda said...

That sounds horrendous. I am glad you made it. :)