Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Week!

Elijah- he did great. He walked down the hall holding my hand no tighter than he usually does, went right in the room and let go of my hand, hung up his backpack as told, and then to a table to play. There were other kids all around not quite so excited and he just did his own thing. Even later when some other kids had a total melt down, he continued to do his own thing and play :) So he did great. Of course, whenever I ask him what he did that day, he says "I got in trouble" and acts all dejected. I don't know what that's all about b/c his teachers tell me he isn't getting into trouble. I think he's just sensitive... like Noah.
Levi- Also... did great :) He's adjusting well to his new caregivers. He goes to the church M-W where Ms. Mona watches him and stays home on Th&F with Ms. Stephanie. He's decided he likes a sippy cup better than a bottle. He wasn't taking the bottle at church so I changed to a sippy Thursday and he took it just fine. I am having to give him more solids than I'd like only b/c he doesn't take as much as he needs to from the sippy... but that's ok. Will keep on pumping and giving it in a sippy... though I detest pumping.
Isaac- Mrs. Bailey loves him like she loved Noah. She said he's doing great and even though *I* don't think he and Noah are much alike, she apparently does. That's a good thing. If Isaac acts like Noah at school... great. Just wish he acted like Noah at HOME! ha
Noah- He's the one I don't hear much from. He loves school and remembers what he's supposed to do on his own. I don't have to say much. I do know that they aren't doing the bug project. I've been collecting neat looking dead bugs ever since Abigail did the bug project in 4th grade. It is one of the few projects I actually LIKE! They can assmeble the board and label it all on their own, I can see the learning benefit from doing it... and it doesn't cost a lot! And THAT'S the one they stop! lol It's ok. Just hope one doesn't take it's place that doesn't meet the above criteria :)
Abigail- she broke up with her boyfriend Monday and didn't tell me!! I was talking to his mother Friday night at a back to school party held at the high school and didn't have a clue. David tells me after that... she had only told him that morning. I asked her not long ago if she thought they'd "stay together" once school started b/c most break up at the start of the school year. She told me she wasn't planning on it. I was glad. I like the kid. I knew she wasn't "ga ga" over him or anything, but she just liked him. I don't want her to be "ga ga" over anyone so I was happy that it was just agood friend thing. So now *that's* over and I hope she don't get another one! ha She loves her teacher though and LOVES being in the 6th grade. She grew up a lot over the summer.
Me- I have the best students you can imagine. I say that all the time, but it is sooooo true. They are so talented, so fun, work hard, want to excel. Love it. I'm ready to have a normal day. We've had "the first day" when I go over the syllabus (BORING). The second day a bunch of kids were out b/c the principal met groups throughout the day. And the third day the seniors were out for senior retreat! We worked on "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" ha We did get a new arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner... it is SSAATTBB and even though my numbers are a bit smaller than usual, the talent is tremendous so they are able to split into SSAATTBB when they never could before.
And THAT is all the time I've managed to steal for the day. Levi is beckoning my name and Noah is tired of dealing with him :)

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