Thursday, February 18, 2010

Came back to the room

After lunch and this beauty greeted me. The pods the REAL cream... Notsomuch the paper cups... But it was a great cup of coffee none the less. Had a decaf cup tonight using a glass to avoid the cardboard taste those cups left behind. Gonna have to see if you can buy these little machines bc I am loving the coffee.
Ok so I came back to the room after lunch and a little shopping detour. But it was a failed trip. I want some cowboy boots. Went to a western store between a gun store, pawn shop, and tobacco outlet. You'd think I'd findsome but they only had one pair I liked. Felt like I was standing on a tennis ball. I'm flat footed and these things had high HARD arches. Apparently I may have a hard time finding boots that don't fit like that.
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