Monday, February 1, 2010


So I had already blogged about the week before my post last night. Forgot about that :) When I post from my blackberry, I just send an email... I don't actually go to blogger to do it. I didn't think I'd posted since the Walmart trip.
Today didn't go any better for Levi. He only took 2 ounces from his bottle though I didn't feed him before taking him to church. I fed him once I got there to pick him up and he ate well. Then he fell asleep in the car. Tomorrow I plan to go earlier, take E to class, then go feed Levi at church. We'll see how how that goes. He'll have a bit longer to get hungry than if I feed him at home.
I will also try a different bottle. I've used just about everything, including the Breastflow bottle. That's all Elijah would take. I haven't tried Avent, though I think I still have some... somewhere. If I feed him when we get to church he will probably just wait for me to pick him up... which is nice b/c I won't have to pump but not nice b/c I'll have to feed him when I pick him up instead of hurrying home to get Elijah in bed. Elijah fell asleep in the car too which made it harder for him to get back to sleep once home. He did though, so no big deal. He's easy-going thank goodness. Even though he's in a toddler bed he stays in it and does what he's told. We still haven't had any discipline issues with him. He pretty much does what he's told. He only throws fits when he's tired, and I don't discipline him then b/c it is my fault he's tired. I'm crabbier than usual too when I haven't gotten enough sleep! He seems to be like Noah in that sense. Noah never needed more than a stern look. Oh if only they were all that easy!