Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election Day

I think I could curl up on this bed of rocks and sleep. I am exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well at night- going to bed late bc of one child and waking early bc of another... And up thruout the night. Today I was up at 5:30 after a restless night. Not only did I wake often but I did so fully. I usually wake and go right back to sleep without becoming coherent :)
BUT it has been a great day. We've gotten a lot of 'thumbs up' so we feel good about this precinct. Who knows though- we don't know how they really voted. I'm glad I was able to come. My mom and stepdad have the kids. I've never been away from Levi anywhere near this long- but he's in good hands.
We have about an hour left and then we'll head home. Things are slowing down here though it has been a steady flow all day. David will wait for results at NYPD (pizza place). I'll return to the kidddos :) please Lord- let them all turn in early!!!
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