Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring Concert

I knew I couldn't make the previous post any longer, but when you have become as bad a blogger as I- I had more to say once I finally got around to saying it.
Friday night was my choir concert. It went so well. It was a great day bc I had nothing to be nervous about. My kids were ready. We didn't go to state so we could give a good concert for spring. We usually don't have time to learn much new music bc state is the middle of April. It was a tough decision but it was the right one. I am so proud of them. They all sang so well.
The Elementary Choir sang:
Kids on Broadway (broadway medley, solos, costumes, SA)
Spring Quiet (SA a cappella)
For Good (SSA)
On My Own (SSA & solos)
I'm Yours (SSATTB with 2 guitars and a ukulele & solos)
True Colors (SATB a cappella & solos)
Into the West (from Lord of the Rings- SATB & solos)
Esto Les Digo (one of our region pieces- SATB a cappella)
Praise His Holy Name (region piece- SATB)
Lean On Me (SATB & solos)
Somebody to Love (SSATB & solos)
(There were also 2 duets)
It was a lot of fun. May just have to stop going to state so we can keep doing a GOOD Spring Concert. We typically sing our region music and throw in a couple of pop/broadway pieces that we are practically sight reading.
SO that pretty much ended my year. Still have Baccalaureate and Graduation- but I started losing students from class on Thursday and will lose more next week. Then finals begin on the 24th.
I made it :). This has been a tough year. It was great to end on a high note :)
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