Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to MY mom! My mom has been coming down to watch Levi and Elijah since I returned to school Jan 25. That's what it was before David decided to run for office. Since then- it has turned into a LOT more. I haven't just needed her during they day- but at night too bc David isn't here. One mom alone with 5 kids- one needy baby, one cantankorous tot, 2 argumentative boys, and 1 very helpful daughter whom I depend on way too much when my mom ISN'T here... It's tough. Funny how that works. I remember the day I was told Levi couldn't come with me to school. I was CRUSHED. I didn't know what I was going to do. I can't stand the thought of an itty bitty being in daycare. I want him with me. After a few days of tears, my mom said if I can't find another solution- she'd come down. Well that gave me some peace.
I didn't want her to have to do that and did work it out with my church for him to go there 2 days. David is there and the kids often see him when they go to lunch- that makes me feel better. SO she has been coming Tues afternoon (for honor choir) and staying til after my classes on Friday. As grateful as I am for her being the one who is usually with my babies- it has been wonderful having her here at night when David is not. Levi gets very needy, kids are bathing, E is... Well, E... And it is just crazy.
SO happy mother's day mom! I cannot thank you enough.
ME... I am watching Julie and Julia as I type this blog on my blackberry :) and drinking coffee. Also got a gift certificate for an hour massage. Love that and love that there was a gal at the event the fam went to yesterday who had a chair set up for mini-massages AND an advertised special (hour long massages). Ha
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