Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I got a salad bc I wasn't very hungry. Biggest salad I've ever seen. While this picture was being taken, Levi grabbed a black olive. You can see it in his mouth. No one saw him do it. Sneaky little guy. I saw him gnawing at something and pulled a little piece out. Thought that was all he got and put him in a high chair. He was still chewing- found the rest on the roof of his mouth.
Not really giving him anything but breastmilk- except for entertainment value. I got those mum mum rice things and those flavored puffs. Elijah loves the puffs. He ate the whole container of strawberry banana. They'll buy me some time at dinner when Levi gets fussy. I've resorted to those a lot on this trip! But back home we'll get back to breastmilk only. I told Dr G that he hasn't really had anything- he wasnt concerned. He said what I always say- moms fed babies without the help of books for thousands of years. Breastfeeding is faster and easier (not to mention free)... I really don't think moms tried to feed babies anything else until they could feed themselves.

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