Saturday, June 19, 2010

They came!!

And they are great. I've done about 3 loads. Murphy's Law applied. I got all the laundry stuff out (I'd put it all in the bonus room so the closet would be empty, though the washer and dryer were still hooked up... they were taking those away with them) and put a load in. OF COURSE right afther that, they call and say they are coming. I put the wet clothes in the hamper and in the bonus room. I had a wet load waiting on that dryer... and they dried in 40 minutes on medium! The other dryer took me resetting it to 70 at least once, sometimes they still weren't dry... on high heat! And that was when they weren't as dry as my new washer gets them. I love having the dryer on top. I'd rather bend for the wet clothes to put them in the dryer than the repeated bending I do taking them out of the dryer (I take things out one at a time so they don't wrinkle and either hang them up right away, or lay them flat).
The kids all sat against the wall watching the first load. Elijah thought it was neat, but he felt sorry for his clothes. He kept saying "My clothes my clothes!!"
I'll take a picture of the closet in a minute... I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it the way it is or get the elfa hanging bars to go with the shelves I already have. I have a mobile laundry center in there now, but not sure I want to use it. It'll do for the time being. I took the doors off since these are so quiet. They got in the way. I plan on getting a retractable clothesline to hang across when I want to cover it. I do laundry so often, it doesn't make sense to have it covered all the time. I'll hang a sheet or something with clothespins when I want it covered.
I counted the loads I did last week. I wasn't sure how many loads I did. Just that I did at least one a day. I did 10 super capacity sized loads. I don't expect these machines to reduce the number of loads... that isn't why I wanted them. I wanted them to dry faster and stack... and if they clean better... great. I do like that they use less detergent and it says right on the dispenser how much to use. David does his laundry and usually uses the regular amount whether it is concentrated detergent or not. That won't work with a front loader.

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The Davidson Den said...

Hooray! I love my front loaders. It's amazing how much more fits in them and how much quicker and easier the whole process is. (Paul, however, still hasn't figured them out. I always find the machines on all these weird settings from his fiddling with them.)