Saturday, June 19, 2010

Washer Dryer

Was supposed to get my new washer and dryer last night. We ordered them about 3 weeks ago. I've been wanting a front loader/stackable set for a while now. My old washer isn't spinning well and the dryer is not drying well. They work... but I have to set the dryer to 70 min at least twice to get everything dry. Stacking them will free up space in my laundry closet. I have had the hampers in the hall... with 5 kids... even though I wash clothes constantly, the hampers fill. I'll have some room in the closet WHEN THEY COME.
Which was not last night. Guy called at 4:30 to tell me his helper left. I told him I really needed them and asked about getting them today... he didn't give me an answer b/c apparently that wasn't his call. So, I have no idea when they will come. We're going to Branson tomorrow. I haven't done laundry since Thursday morning (when I had every last stitch done) and Abigail was at camp all last week. I'd like to start doing it again... but I don't want them to call and say they are on their way and me have clothes in the wash.
I should probably assume the worst though and get started :(

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Jill said...

You can always come throw some in my washer/dryer! Just incase they come, k?