Monday, March 7, 2011


Anyone know of a site that would make a blog book from my old xanga? In trying to figure that out, I read some funny stuff from those days...

Monday December 5, 2005
Had this conversation on the way home from school. I had the kids in the car and thought I had David on the phone.
Me: I'm losing you.... Are you there? can't be my phone.... I have all my biscuits. (((meaning those lines on the phone that tell you how good your reception is)))
Abigail: Hey! We're not biscuits!
Me: I'm talking about the antenna icon on my phone.
Abigail: Oh.

Thursday December 1, 2005
Abigail: What state is that building that looks like a person in?
Me: You mean the Statue of Liberty?
Abigail: No, its not like a whole person... just the legs.
Me: A building that looks like legs. I have no idea.
Abigail: Well, its not really a building, its open. It doesn't have walls.
Me: A building without walls that looks like legs.............. you mean the Eiffel Tower?
Abigail: Yeah, the Eiffel tower.
Me: Its in France.

Friday December 9, 2005
I love my choirs. Seriously. I got tickled today while they were singing. I hadn't paid attention to what they looked like with all those silly Santa hats on... but once I did I couldn't stop laughing. But to think they actually wore them... and no one even complained about it... yeah, I love them.

Noah got mad at me tonight. I stupidly tried to get him to let Isaac keep the football by saying "hey, you wanna be my favorite little boy... let Isaac keep the ball." Dumb move mom... b/c not only did it not work, Isaac happily handed over the ball to Noah so he could be my favorite little boy. I thought Isaac wouldn't pay attention to what I just said and I thought being my favorite little boy would be all Noah needed to hear to forget about that stupid ball. So what does Noah do? He bawls. "YOU LOVE ISAAC MORE THAN ME!" Smoothe move mom. I tried to cover it up by saying Isaac was my favorite 3 year old and Noah was my favorite 5 year old... but it was too late. So then he says "I'm gonna crush you dead." Yes, sounds scary coming from a 5 year old... you gotta remember this is my overly emotional kid who has the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There is no middle ground. But, when we got home we went back in the playroom and I got him to think thru the events and how silly it would be to think I really cared about a ball and who had it... he understood I was just trying to re-establish peace in the back of the PT cruiser... and then he realized what he said, started bawling and told me I couldn't be dead b/c then I couldn't feed him or buy him toys. Thanks little man. I told him I wouldn't be able to hug him either. He cried, "you wouldn't be able to come to my party you'd just be dead ON THE FLOOR!" Crazy little head of his... he calmed down and he knows I love all my kiddos. Lesson learned.

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