Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weather, weather, and more weather

I have lived in Arkansas since the age of 3 and can't ever remember a year where we spent so much time under tornado warnings. Watches are as common as rain, but warnings tend to be just a few a season, not a week. Elijah started asking, "am I going to have to get in the closet tonight?" It has become almost routine. Fitting the 7 of us in our little 2x3 hall closet isn't fun. The 3 older kids sit on the floor with the two little ones on top of them. David and I wait til the last minute (watch out the back door and listen for the train...) and will then get in and close the door. We would only fit by standing over the kids on the floor. Has made me think moving isn't such a bad idea.

We were supposed to have 2 events this week. One in Searcy last night and the other here in Little Rock tomorrow. We found the perfect sitter situation. Our good friends have two daughters, one in 9th grade and the other in 7th (they also have a 5th grade daughter and a 4th grade son). Abigail was excited to have some friends over who could help her babysit :) So it was a win for all. We didn't go last night because of the possibility of more weather, though thankfully it all went around us, but never upon us. Tomorrow's was cancelled. We don't go out on dates. We rarely get sitters in order to go to stuff, but never "just because." Decided to tomorrow since we already have a sitter. Noah got so excited when he found out we were going on a date. Before bed he asked if I was going to have another baby. I said "do you think we are celebrating?" He said "yeah." I told him we are not having a baby. He was disappointed. But how sad the child thinks something big is happening just b/c we are going out!
Not only that... I posted about Noah on twitter and David's friends got to talking. We are going out in style. A car will pick us up and take us to the Capitol Hotel for dinner. Should be fun. I'll post pictures :)
What to wear what to wear...

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