Saturday, August 29, 2009


They came :)

2 sized prefolds on left, flat diapers on right. Can make the flat diapers fit babies of any size depending on the way you fold them. There are more ways to fold flat diapers than I ever imagined. Just go to youtube and search "flat fold diapers" and you will see a ton. Here is a good example of how one fold can be done 3 ways to fit different sized babies. I like this fold... simple, but puts the absorbency where it is needed. I do use a snappi, though the nice lady at Little Lions included a couple diaper pins (always good to have on hand for when you can't find your snappi). She also sent a few extra wipes and an extra prefold :)

Covers. Top 4 are one size that adjust with snaps. Bottom 6 are the pull on pant type in nylon rather than vinyl. Newborn on left, small on right.

Here is a good example of using prefolds. A lot less involved, especially with velcro covers. I opted for snaps b/c I personally like them. I'll buy some pockets or all in ones later when Levi is in someone else's care. But for now, it's just me and I can do diaper/cover just fine. I do plan to let Abigail diaper him some with cloth this time around. Didn't let her with Elijah, but she's 2.5 years older now. She *wants* to change him... I'm not making her. She wanted to change Elijah too I just wasn't sure she was ready for that, though she probably would have been just fine.
I also got some cloth wipes. I won't use them exclusivley... didn't use them at all with Elijah. But do remember thinking "I might as well." I just didn't have any. I really like these. Super soft on one side, textured on the other.
These pictures were taken before I washed the diapers. I'll take some more after they are washed a few times. They fluff up and are super soft. Right now they are flatter than a pancake and stiff. I bought "clearanced" diapers b/c they were less and supposedly had some imperfections, though I sure couldn't find any. The white ones are bleached cotton, the others are unbleached. I don't really have a preference b/t the two, just bought sale :)
So there you have it :) I know it sounds insane to be excited about diapers. I thought the same before I started using cloth. Didn't understand what was exciting or addictive about it... though I do now :)

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Wheren't you sick at my wedding?? if I remember right? ...and my sister Mel was newly pregnant and really sick-there for never smiled in a single picture!