Monday, August 17, 2009

the weekend and GOOD news!

Saturday night a bunch of people from high school got together in Fort Smith. Allyce (best friend since high school) and I met a bit early b/c we knew we'd be leaving early. Didn't know the place was located outside! It was HOT. I had a good time until the band started (though I am rather anti-social when pregnant... don't know why, but always am). I will never understand why music so loud you cannot even hear yourself yell is a good thing. Loud is one thing... this was another, though I'm not sure what. I think they were good too, but my brain was vibrating so it was hard to tell.
I don't normally go to bed until 11, but I'm rarely out past 7. It really took a toll on me. I got up at 6:30 (by force of Elijah) and had coffee. David was up around 8. I was still feeling awful so I went back to bed. Up again at 9... but back to bed again! This time til 11. My mom took Abigail, Noah, and Isaac to the pool. I went out for a bit while Elijah napped. Found Levi his 'home from hospital' outfit at Kohl's. I'll post a picture when I take one. We left around 4:30... got home and had a bunch of stuff to do to get ready for Monday morning.
Elijah had his first day today. He went right in, no tears. He even napped. I didn't expect that the first day. He'll be going all day on Mon, Tues, Wed... or I should say, I'll be paying for all day, he won't always stay but today I had to go to the store. The morning session ends at 12 and jr high choir doesn't end until 12:05. It meets during lunch though and I'm not going to meet with them on Thursday or Friday. SO on Thursday and Friday, I'll be able to get there by noon.
School is going well. Kids came home with their fund raiser stuff today... which I hate with a passion. Noah has already sold $57 (to one very kind neighbor). The others are working on it (sorry Jill!!). I wouldn't hate it so much if we just had one turn in... but we have 3. Three times (times three kids) I'm compiling and checking all their stuff. Hate it (times three!). Great cause, but major ordeal.
Pregnancy... I am very much to that huge awkward stage. I dyed my hair last night in the downstairs bathroom b/c E was asleep in our room. I apparently got some dye on the lower part of my belly and then rubbed up against the drawer in the bathroom. The color hadn't developed so I didn't know it happened... until I went back in to rinse it out of my hair and saw this huge stain. niiiiice. Then I had to rinse it out in the tiny tub. I nearly drowned myself by leaning back in the tub, putting my hair under the faucet, face up. Water went everywhere and I couldn't move fast enough to keep it from going up my nose! pathetic really. That is not the way I usually rinse it out, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!
One more aggravation... and I do realize it is largely due to the fact that I am just much more easily aggravated when pregnant... why does every woman who has ever had a child feel the need to share all their details with you just b/c you are obviously pregnant? --though the checkout lady at Kohl's actually said, "oh are you expecting?" Haven't heard that in months. it is always "you are going to have a baby SOON!" and then shock when I tell them I have months left... Anyway... check out gal at Kroger started talking and talking and talking and talking (and I wasn't asking... did I mention I'm rather anti-social when pregnant?) and to make it worse, she talked with her hands. When her hands were talking, she was not working and I had hundreds of dollars of groceries for her to scan. Finally I started texting David hoping she'd think I was busy and stop talking. It worked (shame on me, but I still had to get Elijah and well, my food was thawing...). I suppose I should find it sweet that they want to share all about their pregnancies with me, but I'm just not in the mood when I'm running errands. I want to get it done and go home!
I did discover a FABULOUS change of plans today. I was looking in the teacher manual b/c I thought I might lose pay over my maternity leave. I thought it was 6 weeks, regardless of how much sick leave you have saved up (I have plenty since this is my 10th year at AB). Found out it is TWELVE! And since there are some breaks in there... I can be off starting Oct 12 (I'm due Oct 21, but I imagine they will induce around the 14th if I don't have him early on my own, so far I'm 2 for 2... Abigail 9 days early on own, Isaac 6 days early on own, Noah and Elijah induced a week early) and not return until Jan 25! I hate it for my students, but obviously my first priority is Levi and if I can be home with him longer, WONDERFUL!! Hopefully my sub will be great and it won't be a big deal that I'm not there.
Now its laundry time!


Alex and Jill said...

Are they all selling the same thing!? I haven't seen the boys yet. Feel free to send them over. :)

I had three women tell me about their pregnancies today. They always start out, "are you pregnant?" I guess that's their lead-in to telling us all about themselves. LOL

Wonderful news that you will have more time off with Levi. I'm wondering what my chances are of A coming early. I'm afraid she will be late, they will induce, I will labor for 24 hrs and then have a c-section. HA!

jensoup said...

Thats GREAT that you can be home 12 weeks w/him. Thats what my sister did w/Grace-it was very nice especially w/nursing.Cant wait till he gets here.