Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lunch Bags

I have been too busy to do much of anything lately... and don't feel like blogging about it. But do want to post the lunch bags I made.

I made Isaac's so it would attach to his bag. He has a smaller backpack, which is good... he's a smaller kid... so I wanted it to fit on the outside of the bag. He picked out the stripes.

Noah's is camo to match his gray bag. I used stiff netting between two layers of fabric to make them stand up a bit.

Some of my pictures uploaded sideways even though I didn't take them that way and they don't look this way when viewing them on my computer. Blogger has done this before... don't understand why.

Abigail's bag has batting between the layers and I used some fabric paint, ribbon... and a button closure.

Glad I got them done. I wanted to make them, but didn't think about the time I don't have right now.


Caroline said...

Cute. You make me want to be more crafty. Love the new layout, too!

jensoup said...

Love the "new look" of the blog...the lunch boxes are sooo cute ,I wish I had a sewing machine.

The Davidson Den said...

Ooooooooh!!!! Abigail's is SO pretty!! Love those colors!