Saturday, August 22, 2009


I bought diapers today, and I did GOOOOOD! I'm very happy with how much I spent considering how long this stuff will last. I got:
Dappi Nylon pants, 2 newborn, 2 small (yes, this is the plain-jane type cover, but it's better than vinyl and I don't care... it's cheap)
1 dozen indian Infant prefolds (4x6x4- which I prefer over the 4x8x4 b/c those take forever to dry)
1 dozen indian Regular prefolds (again, 4x6x4)
1 dozen flat diapers
4 Blueberry Coveralls
12 cloth wipes (I won't always use cloth wipes, but I liked the price and can use them as doublers)
All for $125.
To explain the lingo to those not into cloth diapering...
The dappi pants are like the vinyl ones you can buy at wal mart that some use for potty training... they are just made of nylon and a little nicer IMO. newborn fits to 13 lbs, small to 19 lbs.
The infant prefolds will fit to about 15 lbs. The '4x6x4' is the number of layers of indian cotton used. 4 layers on either side, 6 layers in the middle. MUCH better than the Gerber kind you buy at Wal-Mart. There is no comparison. These are 'seconds' b/c the hems are crooked. I couldn't care less about the hem. They were a lot cheaper, so I got em!
The regular prefolds will fit til around 30 lbs. After 20 lbs, Levi can wear Elijah's all in ones too. I decided to use prefolds/covers this time around b/c I got tired of having to stuff the one size pockets I used with Elijah... and I sold them.
They also have one size covers now. Didn't have those with Elijah, which is one of the reasons I used pockets. Prefolds/covers didn't seem much cheaper when you had to buy new covers all the time. My babies tend to grow fast, so they don't stay in the small sizes long. But *now* they have one size covers (they had one size diapers, why didn't they have one size covers?). That's what the Blueberry Coveralls are. They're the only 'cute' thing I got... but since they fit 10-40 lbs, they are worth the extra cost.

I got this lemon lime print, 2 meadow green, and a cow print.... all snaps.
And that's it! Should be all I need to buy. I'll be able to wash often when I'm on maternity leave. I think I have a few medium all in ones too that should fit when I return to school. I can save those for whomever is taking care of him.
Went to Target tonight. Didn't get anything exciting. Just a $3 pair of off white baby legs. I was so happy to discover Target was carrying babylegs... but they don't stock any styles for boys. You can only find the boy styles on line :(
David was checking out while we were playing on the spots...

Isaac's being a macho man.

David could hear Elijah saying "cheese!" over and over again as he was walking out.
Also went to Walgreens who is finally carrying Pssst! again. I was having to buy Batiste that costs $2 more for a smaller can and can only be found at Sally's. If you have not tried this stuff, you should. It is dry shampoo that's been around since the 60s. Not only does it buy an extra day of not shampooing, (and not straightening, saving TIME), it gives you some volume. David always compliments my hair on the days I use it. Yeah, the name is dumb. If you can't find it, ask for "dry shampoo" b/c you will never be able to request "pssst" and be understood. But TRY IT. I promise, you'll like it :)


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Oh, my goodness, I am laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!! Paul and I both. We've been acting out scenarios where someone might go into a store asking for "Pssst!" That's hilarious!!!

Oh, and Target does have boy's BabyLegs. I got Atticus two different boy styles (one was brown with colorful boats and one was green, blue, and white argyle) there. I mean, it's been several months, so maybe they are changing things. Or maybe they're planning to restock soon. Who knows?

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Oh! And I forgot one more thing...
Thanks for the tip about the one-size covers. I've NEVER seen those!! And they are precious!! And so much more practical, like you said, than buying a whole set of covers in each size as they grow. That's so annoying. EsPECially when you have two in diapers. Are you getting the velcro waist fasteners or the snaps? (I'm scared to get snaps, because what if they don't fit snugly because the child is between snap sizes? I have a lot of skinny-waisted kiddos here.) What do you think? Do you have experience with snap waists?