Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sewing sewing and car

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Had a baby shower to go to tonight. I've been hoarding a 15% off coupon for the Children's Place and thought I'd find something there. Waited about 25 minutes for it to open with Noah and Isaac and then found nothing. On the mom's registry, she said baby (adopted baby, so shower came after baby) looks best in bold, bright colors... I didn't find anything I really liked and NOTHING on sale. I thought about heading to Target, but stopped by Hobby Lobby first. I'm so glad I did! I guess I do my fabric searching on Sundays b/c I don't know that I've ever really looked there (they're closed on Sundays). I found TONS of fabric that I loved. So, I made a lovie/blanket. It's a bit bigger than your typcial lovie and smaller than a baby blanket. I think it is about 2'x2'. I thought I'd have it made in under an hour. I was wrong. ha It took FOREVER to pin on the loops. The sewing was nothing, even though the loops are triple stitched. Took 3 hrs to complete. Wish I'd started on it sooner so I could have had it monogrammed. Was happy how it turned out nonetheless. The hot pink side is flannel. They had some nice 100% cotton batting I considered putting between the layers. It would have made it a bit nicer looking I think, but it would be too hot most days. Also had some multi colored thread, all pastel shades. I haven't seen that before, though I'm sure its been around. You can't tell in the pic, but that is what I used for the top stitching.
I also got some lime green cotton knit to make a moby wrap. Examples:

Not much making involved. I could have gotten twice the yardage and just cut it down the center and made two of them, but they didn't have 6 yards of the fabric and well, I'm cheap :) I'll put a french seam in the center. I've never used one of these but they do look comfy. I'll make a sling too.
I made a lunch sack for Isaac yesterday. Decided to make one for all the kids since they cost $9 a piece. No big deal to buy one... but $36 for lunch bags? No thank you. Isaac's was a bit of a test run and I don't love it so am going to make another. I'm sure I'll need an extra though.

I threaded a shoelace thru some eyelets I sewed. Bow isn't quite this long with the loop I tied in the back so I can attach it to his backpack. But, just not crazy about it. Made some goofs in the sewing and have figured out a better way.
On the car... there is a *possibility* that we may find a car. We heard about some lots that got some hail damage and have some REALLY good deals. With that and cash for clunkers... we may find something. We drove over there after the shower. There was actually a NEW car that we could all fit in. We would have to scrape the payment out of the budget, but for a car we could keep for years to come that would WORK and has a payment equal to my first ever car payment 13 years ago (for a Taurus that wasn't even new)... we'll find a way. Don't know the details so I'm not overly hopeful. Seems too good to be true... and to still be sitting there.


Alex and Jill said...

I wish I could sew!! Love the lovie and the moby wrap looks neat! I don't like Children's Place infant section...they hardly have anything. They have more for the older kids, in my opinion.

I'm still praying for you guys another car. :) I just can't imagine you being able to share for a year w/you guys' busy schedules.

The Davidson Den said...

Man, I don't know where you find the time...
And, yay, on the car thing! The Lord God provides.
Hope it works out!!

BOWquet said...

the lovie looks great! I am an amateur sewer, I cannot do that! :) Good job!

Karen said...

From the recipient of the lovie . . it is awesome! You did an amazing job . . Ella has already been playing with it . . she loves the loops! Thank you so much!