Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I intended to get some pictures from our wedding posted since our anniversary was Monday, but that didn't happen. The last two days of summer 'vacation' were anything but. I've been extremely busy lately. We didn't do anything for our anniversary. Funny thing about having more than 2 kids... nearby grandparents only want one at a time. We were installing a 50 inch plasma TV above our fireplace Monday night. Abigail was at her grandparents and OH MY was it hard without her here.
We don't ever buy anything on credit... but this was one of those "too good to pass up" deals. Not only did I think we would have the bonus room finished long before now... I also thought we'd have a flat screen above the fireplace long before now. We've had a large cabinet with a high def tube TV in it. It has been in the way for 5 years. I did NOT want a 50 inch TV. I really didn't want anything above 40, but was ok with 42. Of course, that all changed when the 50 inch was on a HUGE sale (and I do mean huge) plus we could get 36 months same as cash. So, we got it. I *did* want David to have something nice. He's been working lots of extra jobs lately but all the money has been going toward the bonus room, back to school supplies, and all the other 'stuff' that makes us NEVER have 'extra' money.
Also on Monday: I lost the boys for a little while. It was the most awful thing I've gone thru, even though it wasn't real. I didn't know that. Their bikes were in the front yard, they were no where to be seen. I had Abigail go look for them at the most obvious friend's house. Elijah was napping. She came back saying "they weren't there." Then we checked the only other houses they could be at. Nothing. That's when I lost it. My MIL got there to pick up Abigail. She drove her down the street to check another house and then back. Nothing. Then she went back to the first house we checked. I called David and told him I couldn't find the boys. Right after telling David, Kathy found them. They WERE at that house, just no one answered the door when Abigail went. I didn't know no one came to the door. I thought she'd asked for them. I was every bit of hysterically upset. Dry-heaving in the sink. Nice. I thought they were gone. I knew seeing me like that was enough to make Noah never do it again, but also knew that wouldn't be the case for Isaac. I didn't want to spank both of them so didn't spank either. And the very next day... yep, Isaac goes next door to a friend's house without telling me. He is such an "in the moment" child. He doesn't think. It's not a good thing. He did get spanked that time.
After I got myself together, I got a phone call from the police about a missing child report. I was thinking a neighbor called b/c I had been yelling their names at the top of my lungs. They the officer mentioned David and that's when I realized he must have hung up before I said "I've got them, they're here." I'd said it soon after calling him b/c Kathy had found them. I didn't know David had hung up and was calling the police! I called David... he was speeding home in an overheating car.
Yesterday I rearranged the furniture. Now that that big ol cabinet is out of the way, the room is totally different. I brought a bench down from the bedroom and moved a chair from the office... and there is STILL more room in here than before! I'll take pictures soon...
Last night I had to go to school to work on my room. I got some GREAT shelves so I can finally have a music library. These shelves are made specifically for storing music. They are super tall bookcases that are on casters in a unit and you pull the entire thing out. There are two side by side. That doesn't explain it well, but they are great :) I had to get my music put on them and the shelves positioned where I wanted them.
I had meetings this morning. I'll have to go back to school some more at night. We are given lots of 'work in room time' but I'm missing those times to come home and going back at night when David is here. David is working from home while I'm in meetings and Abigail is babysitting Elijah... for pay. First time for that. The boys are going to extended care at school.
One last thing: and it's bad news. David drives an old car. It was my mom's and they couldn't sell it for much, so they gave it to David to drive. It has been a huge blessing b/c we haven't had to have car payements. Took it in b/c we knew there was something wrong with the radiator... but didn't expect it to be $2000 worth of wrong. We're getting a '2nd opinion' hoping to get a better price... but if it isn't any better... I don't see us fixing it for more than it is worth. I do not want a car payement, but we may not have a choice :( BOOOO Bad timing :(


Alex and Jill said...

I'm 32 and still remember the spanking I got from going to the neighbor's house without telling my really scared them and I realized it - after the fact. Never did it again. I hope they never do that to you again...bless your heart. I can only imagine the panic, sick to your stomach, etc, feeling.

That is such a bummer about the car...I'll be praying that God provides something or that you can fix it inexpensively.

Looking forward to pics of the living room since you've made changes!!

Caroline said...

Just the kind of day you needed at this point . . . boo, indeed. I am so sorry!