Friday, February 5, 2010

All State

This was Levi at All State auditions today. We got to get up at 4:45 this morning since they we're in Jonesboro. We arrived with just a few problems- nothing major. Levi was happy the entire way, I just got turned around in Jonesboro bc my gps kept putting me where I wasn't. Should have stuck with a map. Students rode back with parents so it was just me and L for the return trip and OH MY did I get turned around! Google's route had me on farm roads and then I missed a turn (being farm roads and all- there was nothing to indicate that's where I was supposed to turn). Wound up in Egypt AR (who knew?). It is a very sad little town. Never seen anything like it. Again, gps had me all over the place but once I found my location on the map and ignored the blue dot- I got back on track. Levi got hungry and I had to stop. After that it was all the way home w/o stopping though I hadn't eaten or gone to the bathroom since 10 am! Got home at about 5pm.
Results were posted and both of my students made the All State Mixed Choir. YEY. Levi was very glad to be home, Elijah was glad to have us home, and my mom was glad that she could go home!
LONG day!
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The Davidson Den said...

Good grief. You'd think it would be pretty hard for the GPS to get tiny, little Arkansas wrong! (We got lost in San Francisco once because of our GPS.) I don't get it. Anyway...congrats on the All State success story AND a solo trip to Jonesboro with your nursling. I'm in awe.